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The smell of pies fills our home and, with my favorite holiday being mere hours away, I can’t help but think about all that’s happened between this Thanksgiving and the last — the good, the challenges, and everything in between. On any given day, “thankful” is the most fitting word I can think of for this truly wonderful life. Tomorrow, Seanface and I are spending the day at a remarkable organization in downtown Charleston that takes care of women in need (and their little ones, when applicable). We’ll be donning our aprons and cooking for the ladies and the organization’s staff that will be there and, though this is my 8th year preparing Thanksgiving dinner, I’m a little nervous about this one with its moving parts and my own personal hopes for how the day goes. More than the desire to prepare these precious women a meal, I want them to know they’re loved just as they are. I want the warm food to fill their bellies and to somehow overflow as peace and joy and strength in their hearts and minds. Is that too outlandish to hope for? I’ll hope and pray for it anyway (as well as wear my stretchiest jeans — because Thanksgiving food is at the top of my food list and, frankly, I’ll need the space). And as for the love, peace, joy, and strength — I wish just the same for you, dear friend. No matter where you are for the holiday, who you’re with, and what you’re doing, you are so very loved and so very valued. Happy (almost) Thanksgiving. // #fuji400h + @thefindlab
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Giddy love. (Arguably the very best kind.) // #portra400 + @thefindlab
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Ushering in a new week with a cozy cup of coffee and mulling over our Thanksgiving menu, where I initially thought I had too many pies listed, but then remembered that wasn’t possible. Thank goodness. // #portra400 + @thefindlab
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Sweet love. // #fuji400h + @thefindlab
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Just all sorts of pretty. All sorts of it. // #fuji400h + @thefindlab
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Then put your little hand in mine, there ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb. // #fuji400h + @thefindlab
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Few things make my heart pitter-patter like smallish leaves creeping down a wall, behind which resides a perfectly cared-for, (mostly) hidden garden. It’s just a very sweet little situation. // #portra400 + @thefindlab
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“Let’s just be ridiculously cute.” - Amalee and Marshall, probably. // #fuji400h + @thefindlab
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Getting mail is arguably one of the best things, ever! (And especially so when that mail is an invitation to witness two people promising each other forever.) // #fuji400h + @thefindlab
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Those weekend feels, though. // #portra400 + @thefindlab
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There’s nothing like a rainy day to remind me to slow down and enjoy the little things about working from home. Lighting my favorite candle, listening to my favorite jazz station, eating all of our leftover Halloween candy. You know, the usual. // #fuji400h + @thefindlab
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Wrapped with love. // #fuji400h + @thefindlab
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