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in honor of the winter olympics, i'm back at it with my (very obvious) olympic worthy cartwheels. this time on a sand dune. with people watching. and laughing. but mostly amazed. p.s. was completely convinced it was airborne but the footage does say otherwise (an inch off of the ground)
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freckle faced πŸ“· @meganeclaire ❀
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moody. πŸ“· @brettastic πŸ’‹@aliciamariecampbell
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moment of silence for all who are freaking out over the rain in Los Angeles
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simplistic sundays are my favorite. πŸ“· @megantaylor_photo
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sand dunes at sunset
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the music video for @rustonkelly "1000 Graves" is out! **link in bio** so blessed to have been apart of such a stunning production. i hope this stays with your heart. @s_kinigopoulos @jkinigopoulos @electraking @levi_taylor_magyar
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thank you all for your well wishes, love and support throughout the past 24 hours. yesterday i stopped breathing and was rushed to the ER. i was given blood work, tests, and cat scans - thinking it was a blood clot in my lung. though we still don't entirely know the reasoning behind it happening, i'm blessed with the team i was given. i am extremely thankful to Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank for taking great care of me, enduring my sarcasm, and dealing with my hatred of needles. also thankful to my sweet friends who never left my side the entirety of being there. my biggest concern in being at the hospital was getting to set on time in the morning. with about two hours of sleep, i found myself in the most incredible opportunity here at Milk Studios. i can't wait to share with you all what is going on.
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love you this big.
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T O M O R R O W the music video for @rustonkelly "1000 Graves" is released and i can't wait for the world to see it. so thankful to @s_kinigopoulos @electraking for allowing me to be apart of such a stunning production
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how my heart felt shooting today with @jeanclaudephoto makeup by @makeup_md
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yesterday with my favorite @megantaylor_photo ❀ i love being able to be creatively free with such beautiful and soul enriching people.
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touchdown in the city of angels and this is how i feel about it (very excited, exhausted, hangry, etc..)
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a little bit of a day dreamer.. photo made by my dream team πŸ“· @brettastic πŸ’„@aliciamariecampbell
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my happy place is Disney.. and also when Eeyore decided to pull me aside and attempt to mess up my hair.
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a little throwback from my time in LA a year ago with my favorite @dondee_q @nicci_sanchez ✨ so thankful to be feeling better. thank you for all of your sweet messages! it meant so much to me ❀
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i've always wanted to attend a party where masquerade masks and gowns were mandatory..
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wishing i was back in nyc - extreme snowfall and all
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a favorite night of mine.
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any excuse to wear a turtle neck and red lipstick
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happy 2018, everyone. make this year your best one yet ✨
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(im) patiently waiting around until it's an appropriate time to get into my nye gown...
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nyc tomorrow 🍾πŸ₯‚βœ¨
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distractions and blurry faces
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