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me a few weeks ago wearing a dress and makeup lol
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different day, same pose. by my dear friend @rileytaylor
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thank you @lieju66 & @bakersson for making all my rainbow ice cream dreams come true
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did you miss me?
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eating my healthy LA food
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hbd @devonleecarlson & @jesserutherford ily both ♥️✨ @dopedyl
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Taking over @boohooUSA’s Insta story today! Going to take you around #OutsideLands today! #ALLGIRLS #ad
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an instagram of me at instagram
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Getting ready for #outsidelands already!  Come hang with me at @boohooUSA’s Pre Outside Lands event tomm 5-8pm at 9 Freelon Street! #ad ❤️RSVP link in bio❤️
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end of day 2. bedhead after party #BedHeadHairTools @bedheadstyling #ad
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quick break to get my hair styled with #BedHeadHairTools @bedheadstyling #ad
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I wanna hang with you san fran! Next two weeks are going to be amazing. Off to Outside Lands next week with @boohooUSA! If you’re heading up there make sure to check out their pre-festival hangout on Wed the 9th from 5-8pm (link in bio) at 9 Freelon Street in SF! #ad
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