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DFU4 NEWS Report !! The rebel alliance forces the withdrawal of all NATO Force to the Border of Thenn and Skagos Near Mariopol City. NATO Forces are retreating because lack of reinforcement and support from the local community. This was the biggest NATO loss of life since Fallujah, Iraq in 2003. Against a backdrop of violent clashes in a number of cities and several weeks of deadly attacks on the capital, United Nation declare Fail State of Skagos Island. Leaving the Island to Militia Force and their Russian backers. More than 5,000 local security forces have been killed this year alone, the highest toll since the war began in 2014. In comparison, the international coalition has suffered a total of 3,485 deaths since 2014. NATO had planned on maintaining 5,000 troops including 3,800 Americans in an advisory and counter-terrorism capacity in Thenn near the border of Skagos. Thenn Armed Force and UN Troops still accommodating the refugees from Skagos civilian including Thenn injured defense personel and law enforcement. They are given the option to stay or to leave Skagos and Mariupol. The Militia and Eastern Union agree to ceasefire and give access to United Nation to send Medical Aid and emergency food ration in the Skagos School area Near the border of Thenn without security assistance from UN and NATO. Aid workers are working around the clock to ensure the safety of the remaining people that still inside hostile territory. After Great Winning The Battle of Skagos, Militia and East Union Declare The New Country of Skagos Island and building a new Communist State as the cornerstone of the state. As the result of the Thenn campaign , General Fan Chang Long has been crowned as 4 Star General and gaining more power in His Country and beeing the Highest General Rank who will lead the new state of Skagos. @nocom_brotherhood #dfu4 #nocom #navy #seal #usmilitary #silentoperators #devtsix #reenactment #airsoft #military #milsim #training #hk416 #glock19 #mk18mod1 #eotech #p226 #elcanspecterdr #anpeq15 #fastmaritime #surefire #x300 #gpnvg18 #magpul #aacm42000 #aor1 #lowa #salomon #semapogear
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