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The constitution has good and bad things. The Federalists really ended up Messi g up our country with their strong central government plan. While the Anti-Federalists fought for more restraints on government, and less restraints on the people. The Bill Of Rights is by far the best part of the Constitution. I agree with Spooner on the constitution, and this quote is really a good one. PARTNERS @the.ancap.revolution @the_libertarian_nationalist @100.000.000deadstatists @southern_minarchy @oregon.ancap @the_progressive_post @libertyat60fps
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Any Skyrim fans?
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Just letting everyone know I'm still alive lol
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Who is your favorite out of these four?? My personal favorite is Murray N. Rothbard. Let me know in the comments.-Clay PARTNERS @the.ancap.revolution @the_libertarian_nationalist @100.000.000deadstatists @southern_minarchy @oregon.ancap @the_progressive_post
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My name is Ben and I was introduced to libertarianism by Clay. He showed me some of Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard's ideas and policies. Since then I have enjoyed learning about libertarianism and how corrupt the government really is. I am gonna be helping clay run this account from now on. -Ben PARTNERS @the.ancap.revolution @the_libertarian_nationalist @100.000.000deadstatists @southern_minarchy @oregon.ancap @the_progressive_post
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What do my followers think of Liberland? Let me know in the commments! PARTNERS @the.ancap.revolution @the_libertarian_nationalist @100.000.000deadstatists @southern_minarchy @oregon.ancap @the_progressive_post 馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞
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While he isn't perfect I believe Judge Moore represents something special here in Alabama. He is someone who has proven that they won't back down to the elite. He represents a fighter who has been endorsed by Thomas Massie, and Mike Lee. He is someone who will fight against smith McConnell, and other Washington Establishment members. I throw my full support behind @judgemooreforsenate PARTNERS @the.ancap.revolution @the_libertarian_nationalist @100.000.000deadstatists @southern_minarchy @oregon.ancap @the_progressive_post
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The Left vs. Right belief is one that seriously needs fixing. Many people today only see it as conservative vs liberal, and it just isn't true. It is really authoritarian vs libertarian. The left and right constantly support coercive actions which harm liberty. You see the right hate the right to protest, and the left kills is with economics regulations. The left tries to force their morals same as the right does. They are two sides to the same statist coin. What we can all unite behind is that the state harms each and every citizen in some way shape or form. No matter if you are black, white, gay, or straight you are subject to oppression by the state. If we can get people to see it is really the state vs you, then we can unite against the tyranny we all face daily. @the.ancap.revolution @the_libertarian_nationalist @100.000.000deadstatists @southern_minarchy @oregon.ancap @the_progressive_post
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