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x #AICDoesTheSouth Takeover @dylan.schwartz shares his feedback on the new @sonyalpha A7riii image quality. "One thing that’s incredible about the A7r3, is that it’s on the verge of making the tripod obsolete. The low light performance is so good, and high ISO noise is easy to work with, plus the in-body stabilization allows you to get sharp images at slower shutter speeds. While getting this shot, I first took a bunch with a tripod, but when I was editing I choose one I shot hand held, this makes me want to leave the tripod at home most of the time." Check out the video recap from the trip(link in bio)
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x #AICDoesTheSouth Takeover @sonyalpha x #AlphaCollective Member, @dane.isaac, tells us what he looks for when shooting portraits. "I often try to find backgrounds and space that would compliment, the story I’m trying to tell. That also should go along side the composition, lighting and styling." Stay tuned for more of the takeover throughout the day!
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x #AICDoesTheSouth Takeover We asked @so.shauna (member of @son@sonyalpha x #AlphaCollective and founder of @moodygrams) "Why is community important in photography?" Here's why it's important to her: "Community is important in photography because it provides support and inspiration to its people. It is a platform for creatives to network and collaborate, and to make real friendships (I know this is true because it has happened for me). Most importantly, community is a mean of uniting like minds, to help to provide positivity, encouragement, and help when needed." For more from the @sonyalpha trip, check out the link in our bio!
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x #AICDoesTheSouth Takeover @sonyalpha x #AlphaCollective Member @crippeakasizzler1 tells us what his favorite lens is and why. "My favorite lens is the 55 f1.8 Ziess. This photo was shot with the 18mm f2.8 Ziess Batis. The 55mm is my favorite lens because the amount of detail that it captures, it's super sharp and is always on point." What's your favorite lens and why? Drop a comment below! Check out the link in our bio for the video recap from the trip!
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10 photographers from the @sonyalpha x #AlphaCollective went on a trip to the south, capturing the music and culture of America's most iconic music cities. Today we're having some of the Alpha Collective takeover the page and share their experiences from the trip. We caught up with Ivan Wong and asked "What are some things you learned from the trip?" "I learned new editing tips, really got to feel how others take advantage of their Sony gear and the perspectives we all take to shoot subjects. Also during shoots we’ll all take turns to help each other out with lighting and sharing gear. Makes the Sony team really feel like a community." - @ivvnwong Check out more images from the trip in the hashtag #AICDoesTheSouth Click the link in our bio to watch the full recap video!
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