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Calling all Londoners! This week @tallyrye takes over the adidas studio LDN with her signature sweat + sculpt classes 💦💪 Be ready to move: head to the link in our bio to book one of the many classes offered at the studio! --- @the.daily.splice @adidasuk #London #BestMe #adidasWomen
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Meet Ida, Wing and Ellie-May, the women finding new ways to keep fit and building communities that train together and support each other. 👊 Hit the link in bio to watch episode 1 of #MeetTheCreators of London. -- Directed by @lilyrosethomas Featuring: @idamayyy, @projectchalk, @emb_08
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Meet Lina Mar, the street styler taking YouTube by storm 🔥 In our first #Mee#MeetTheCreators series Lina catches up with the women of London to hear their stories, learn and get inspired. Hit the link in bio to watch episode 1 of #MeetTheCreators of London -- Directed by: @lilyrosethomas Featuring: @itslinamar @idamayyy @emb_08 @projectchalk @bbz_london @londonterrariums @laurenalicejohns
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Introducing #MeetTheCreators, a celebration of women around the globe changing the game in their cities. First stop: London 🇬🇧 Episode 1 live now. Hit the link in bio to watch it! -- Directed by: @lilyrosethomas Featuring: @itslinamar , @idamayyy, @emb_08, @projectchalk
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Keep it versatile from day to night in the latest adidas by @stellamccartney collection. #aSMC #StellaBy @MarieSchuller
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Innovative design for effortless moments. Discover more from the adidas by @stellamccartney collection through the link in bio. #aSMC #StellaBy @MarieSchuller
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In a city forever reaching into the future, we venture in to the streetscapes of Tokyo and capture @ChiharuOkunugi, @AyaSato_Official and tribe defining their own paths. #aSMC #StellaBy @MarieSchuller‬ -- @StellaMcCartney
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It’s all about details this winter. Face the cold in mastered simplicity. -- #adidasWomen​
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Yogis rendez-vous yesterday at Wanderlust Paris 🇫🇷 Double tap our icon to discover more! -- #adidasWanderlust #Paris #Yoga @cliopajczer @wanderlustfest
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Calm. Cool. Collected. Huge congrats to @noravexplora who took home gold in Shanghai to become 2017's Women's Park Terrain World Champion! 🥇 -- #Skateboarding #NoraVasconcellos #adidasWomen
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Weekends are for winding down. @catmeffan @wanderlustgb -- #adidasWanderlust #London #Yoga​
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The mindful adventure continues in 🇬🇧 Celebrating @kimhartwell and the Wanderlusters that participated at the @wanderlustfest event in London today. -- #adidasWanderlust #London #Yoga​
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