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I can’t wait to marry you. 👰🏻🤵🏼My beautiful ring is by @leenabell ❤️
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My bbs.💕
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Livin life to the fullest, man.
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My makeup before I went four wheelin was nice... 😂😅
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My whole 🌎
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Sometimes I do my makeup. SOMETIMES.
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Appreciation post for this man. The man that gives our daughter and I everything we could ever possibly want. Patience, acceptance, nurture, freedom to flourish and most importantly Unconditional Love. You are above and beyond, *southern belle voice* my heroooo! 🤩 @jairusjosephkersey
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My dudes 💕
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“No makeup” makeup has really been my go to lately. I’ve really started focusing on skincare rather than makeup. I’m loooovvving it.
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Wait for the ending... 😭
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Mornings at the Kersey residence 🌻
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Don’t be a TOOL
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