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On or Off? 🤗 💕Bubble Bootys are the comfiest booty shorts you’ll ever wear, link in bio 💕
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The happiest people are the healthiest people 🤗
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NO SCALES 🙅🏼 Being a woman we do tend to overthink things some times 🤷‍♀️😂 So if we've been training and eating well for 2 weeks straight and the scales haven't moved, us women tend to panic and start questioning our life from the time we were born 😂😂 If you're on a mission to gain muscle or lose body fat, try & start monitoring your progress by how you FEEL rather then monitoring by numbers, numbers can and will quite easily do your head in 🙄 Take it one day at a time & remember that slow and steady wins the race, unfortunately we can't all look like Jennifer Hawkins in one day😂, but we CAN achieve absolutely anything with the right mindset & game plan! Stop being hard on yourself and putting unrealistic expectations in your mind, you’ll only be setting yourself up to feel like you’ve failed, instead start appreciating even the smallest changes happening & keep working hard to achieve your goals, enjoying the journey is the most important part! If you’re like me, numbers just don’t work in my favour at all so I don’t use them or let them define my progress 🙅🏼 Don't let the scales or numbers deter you away from being your best.
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Happiness really is all the little things. It’s not the things the money can buy that’s for sure, they’re just short term thrills & if you rely on these things solely for your happiness you’ll be more often then not disappointed & stuck in the circle of chasing more & never feeling like you have enough! I’m talking about REAL long term happiness here, the stuff that just beams through your soul, the feeling of true gratefulness to just be here in this moment right now ❤️ I guarantee if you fell sick, you would crave to just feel healthy again! I suppose It’s that old saying ‘You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ 😅 But I urge you to change that and be grateful today! Stop saying ‘I’ll be happy when...” Your health alone should be something that that you’re truly grateful for each day. Look around you, there’s so much beauty to be seen, there’s so many people that you can learn something new from, there’s so much love all around you, breathe it in & enjoy this moment, right here right now & don’t just think it FEEL IT🙏❤️
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Never a dull moment here 😂 @the_natural_transformer @laurensimpson
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Days like these 👌
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Hey girls 🙋🏼 Are you sick of wearing booty shorts that dig into all the wrong places & make you feel uncomfortable? 💕 I have designed & created my own booty shorts range that will have you feeling confident & comfortable! 💕 As you can see they are a stretchy one size fits all material, and I’m constantly bringing out new colours & patterns which I’m always so excited about! 💕 Check out my website to see if Bubble Bootys are your new favourite booty shorts! ✨Link in bio ✨
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In this heat, who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid! ✨ Loving these hot summer days ☀️
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Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend, remember to make the time to get away from all the media, technology and noise and just BE in this moment ❤️🙏 Life is so beautiful if you’ll just open your eyes to see it 💕
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Beach BOOTY workout 🏖 Training outdoors would have to be my favourite!! 😍 Want to follow my Home Booty program AND get a pair of the comfiest Booty shorts while you’re at it? 🤗 Bubble Bootys have got you sorted! Press the link in my bio & get bootylicious today 😜🔥
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Amor = Love ❤️
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This guy 😂❤️ Bubble Bootys should be called Bend & Snap 😏😂 But in all seriousness they’re the comfiest, stretchiest Bootys shorts you’ll ever wear! If you’re sick of wearing booty shorts that stick in to all the wrong places & make you feel restricted, then you’re going to love Bubble Bootys 🤗 What colour should I get next?? 💕Choose your colour and get yours today, limited stock available, link in my bio 💕
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