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We went for a private tasting at @epi@epi@epicurerestaurant on their new Chinese new year menu. Trust me epicure got a dope menu with a great fine dining experience. We tasted 11 dishes, for now I’ll review only some of them. (Part 2 will be posted soon) 1. Steamed wontons in a spicy broth - I loved every bit of it. Steamed wontons were scrumptious which were filled with Shitake mushrooms. Spicy broth had a good punch and Chinese wine was the winner in the broth. 2. Sriracha prawns with mango salsa - my mouth is singing! Loved the juicy spot on prawns and loved the mango salsa even more. Totally refreshing, likes the taste and crunch added by the pomegranates. One of the best prawn and salsa dishes ever! 3. Hokkaido scallops - Scallops were spot on. Nice caramelization on top, yet the scallops were tender and juicy. Loved the parsnip and pumpkin purée which was the bed for the scallops. Loved the parsnip chip and the micro herbs. 4. Honey glazed duck breast with tomato couscous - Duck skin was crispy and the meat was cooked to perfection. Tomato couscous was nice and loved the flavor. One of the best dishes I had @Epicure. 5. Beef tenderloin with hot pepper sauce - Yaay Yaaay!!! This dish was probably my favorite. Loved the succulent tenderloin cooked medium rare. Hot pepper sauce was certainly a win! It’s rare to find fine tenderloin dishes in Colombo, but trust me @epicurerestaurant got one of the bests. 6. Sticky toffee pudding- Definitely the winner! It was so rich, butterscotch flavored sauce is to die for. Love love love!! Fine dining is truly sensual. But if the food, ambience and the service all be fine together, there’s nothing that you could ask more! @epicurerestaurant got a dope Chinese New Year menu, if you are a fine dining lover, I bet you cannot find any better place than Epicure! Overall rating 10/10. #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #Foo#Foodieum #IslandGirl #GoodFood #FoodCravings #YummyInMyTummy #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #DillyEats #FoodVibes #FineDining #AuthenticChinese #ChineseFood #ChineseNewYear #HomageMenu #Epicure #BestInTown
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Love with @caf@cafenoir.srilanka ♥️ . . . Make this Valentine’s day memorable 💋 For more details - Refer my review on @cafenoir.srilanka Valentine’s promotions in @_dillycious_ 💫 #Valentine’sDay #ItsAllAboutLove #LoveWithCafeNoir
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Still no plans for valentines celebrations? You have the best gift from Cafe Noir for the Valentines day! Best deal in Colombo for Valentine’s day is by Cafe Noir this time! Valentine promotion is only 8000/=. Which includes free decorations, two glasses of sparkling wine and two red roses! Dining at @caf@caf@caf@caf@cafenoir.srilanka is always a pleasure with the great ambience and high tech. I’ve reviewed some of the dishes that you will get in the special Valentine’s menu @cafenoir.srilanka Drink- Strawberry mint mojito. Presentation was the key. Loved every bit of it. Strawberry and mint flavor is always a match made in heaven. So this really hit the brief. Soup- My favorite of all. We had the Leek and potato soup which was so creamy and thick. Leeks added a good texture. Presentation was so good and appetizing. Salad- Second best I should say! Pineapple and cucumber salad was so refreshing. Relished the acidity of pineapple with the chill of cucumber. Loved it! Mains - 1. Thai coconut chilly chicken skewers- Thai flavors on point. Loved the minced meat on the skewers. Highlights were the satay style peanut sauce and the mango habanero sauce which were delicious. 2. Fish and chips- Yes! Best ever. Loved the huge portion of fish, thick cut potatos, irresistible mash and pea. Although its a Classic combination,this dish had a own twist to it. 3. Dragon chicken with lime and cilantro rice- Chicken was so good and succulent. Loved the flavor and crunch added by the peanuts. Cilantro rice was perfectly cooked. Desserts- We had coffee suicide. Cafe Noir is most popular for their coffee, so hope you can guess how good this was. Clearly refreshed the palate after all the meals and it was so coffee-ish and creamy. One of the best desserts I’ve had so far. Cake- Look and the pictures and imagine how good and appetizing it was 😉 So so good! Well you are still not late to make your beloved surprised, Make this Valentine’s day a memorable one! So don’t forget to reserve your space @cafenoir.srilanka romantic dinner. Hurry!!! Reserve your seats now. I personally can’t recommend any better place than @cafenoir.srilanka ! Thank you for inviting me @cafenoir.srilanka ♥
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Here’s the review on my visit to Heaven! Yes! I said heaven! 💫 As Chocoholics is the newest trend for Chocolate lovers, we went to @chocoholics.lk on a Friday night... Chocolate can never go wrong. And the guys at Chocoholics know how to do the magic. We ordered three food dishes and two beverages. 1. Choco waffle (899 LKR) - Signature half waffle topped with chocolate. This is the best ever!!! Scrumptious, tasted just like Kit Kats. May be better than Kit Kats. Waffle is half topped with milk chocolate and the other half with dark chocolate. It was rich and sweet, waffle edges were so crunchy and crispy. A great deal indeed. 2. Brownie Crepe (1100 LKR) - A big crepe filled with brownies and chocolate. Brownie crepe was so rich. It was all about chocolates. Tasty brownies loaded with cashews filled inside a beautiful crepe topped with loads & loads of chocolate. This was totally luscious. I’m divinely happy! 3. Chocoholics Stack (899 LKR) - A stack of mini pancakes topped with chocolate. Fluffy mini pancakes, topped with loads of chocolate and what’s more?! Best pancake deal ever. Pancakes were absolutely moreish. 4. Hot chocolate (499 LKR) - One of the best hot chocolates I’ve had. Warm, luscious, thick and rich. Definitely chocolate was the hero, but very well balanced. 5. Strawberry and cream cheese milk shake (699 LKR) - This was recommended by the Chocoholics staff. Thank you!!!! I loved every sip of it. Milk shake had a perfect blend of strawberries to cream cheese. Chocolate added an exciting flavor to it. I’m totally in love with every dish that I tasted and especially in love with the presentation. Chocolate toppings were the best you could imagine of. Tip 💡 - Try their signature chocolate waffle. Specially if you are a Kit Kat lover! Very good customer service. They will help you to choose the dishes and to deliver the best for you... Highly satisfied. 9.5/10 Thank you for inviting me @chocoholics.lk,I had a great time with great food! #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #Foo#FoodiesAlbum #IslandGirl #GoodFood #FoodCravings #YummyInMyTummy #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #DillyEats
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I never expected kottu to be this damn good! ♥️ @the@the@theroadhouse.lk got 6 mouthwatering varieties of kottu which you won’t find anywhere else! 1. Nai-Miris Chicken (430 LKR) Chicken chunks heavily marinated with nai miris, lemon and salt served with rotti, vegetables and thick coconut gravy. 2. Devilled chicken (450 LKR) Fried Chicken cooked in a red special gravy sauce with onions, chilies and other aromatic spices served fresh with vegetables and rotti. 3. Roast chicken with cream cheese (480 LKR) Tender chicken roasted, served between cream cheese fresh out of the grill with vegetables and spices. This is not like any ordinary cheese kottu, this got cream cheese!!!! 4. Chilly beef (450 LKR) Marinated with local spices and chilies, boneless beef cubes slow cooked until soft served with fresh rotti and vegetables along with a thick coconut gravy. 5. Devilled beef with cream cheese (550 LKR) Tender slow cooked boneless beef chunks, served between cream cheese fresh out of the grill with vegetables and spices. Loved every bit of it. 6. Egg or veg with cream cheese (400 LKR) Flavorsome kottu served with lots of vegetables and eggs, spices and cream cheese. Which was creamy and tasty. These kottus are the best I’ve ever tasted, and I’m pretty sure I will never find any kottu better than these.😉 You can feel the real “kottu vibe” at @theroadhouse.lk . Rustic looking food truck, two people busy making the most delicious kottu, hot smoking atmosphere & what’s more?! With all the busyness, you could still witness a great customer service too. TRH got generous portions. Guys if you haven’t tasted @theroadhouse.lk kottus, trust me you have missed something best in your lives. Why do you wait for? Tip 💡 Try all the flavors 🙊 Thanks a lot Dilshan for having me at TRH. #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #FoodCravings #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #KottuLife #KottuLove #KottuVibes #FusionFlavors
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We can’t buy happiness, but we can buy cupcakes!! 💋 Here’s my 2nd review on @ang@ang@ang@angel_cupcakes_sl Today its about their cupcakes! . . . So this time I’m gonna review 4 of their cupcakes. ▪️▪️▪️ 1. Chocolate Mint (160LKR) - Can mint flavor go wrong? Yeah sometimes huh? But trust me this cupcake got everything right. Perfect balance of mint with chocolate. Chocolate sponge is moist and soft. Mint flavor is added to the frosting which is great. And didn’t overpower. Love the look of it, truly appetizing! 2. Chocoholic (160LKR)- Beautiful chocolate cupcake with a smooth chocolate butter cream rosette on top. I loved the flavors, certainly not too sweet as there was a coffee-ish taste in the sponge. 3. Mocha (160LKR) - My 2nd favorite! Mocha is always a perfect flavor in anything. I loved the espresso flavor in the frosting which was not too harsh but definitely refreshed the palate. Sponge was nice, soft and moist. White chocolate chips on top was a great idea! 4. Hazelnut (200LKR) - OMG! Chocolate ganache and hazelnut is truly a match made in heaven. Its my all time favorite. Cupcake was so good and moist. Chocolate ganache was so rich and satisfying. Hazelnuts added a good crunch and a great flavor. Highly recommended... . . . . @angel_cupcakes_sl is really famous for their unusual yet mesmerizing flavors. @angel_cupcakes_sl provides a great customer service, they will always serve you beautiful cupcakes and sweetmeats with broad smile on their faces. 😊 Tip 💡 Don’t forget to try their hazelnut cupcakes... Await for another review about this seraphic cake spot! 🔹 @angel_cupcakes_sl Thanks again for sending me these beautiful, scrumptious cupcakes... #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #Foo#Foodieum #IslandGirl #GoodFood #FoodCravings #YummyInMyTummy #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #DillyEats #FoodVibes #CupCaking #SweetToothed #Cupcakes #Divine #CupcakesOfInstagram #CupcakesAreLife #CupcakesAreLove #GirlEatsCupcakes #FusionFlavors #CakeyTimes #CakeDays
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Hey guys, First Give away of @_di@_di@_di@_dillycious_ is up!! As most of have DMed me asking for cupcakes, I’ll be giving one of you a box of 6 cupcakes. . Here’s how you can win a special box of Cupcakes! All of you have to do is, . . . ☑️ Like this post and FOLLOW @_dillycious_ ☑️ TAG 2 friends and COMMENT on this post. ☑️ Your tagged friends also have to FOLLOW page @_dillycious_ and like the comment. ☑️Put a story tagging @_dillycious_ saying done ✅ . . . I’ll be randomly choosing one lucky winner by Saturday (3rd February) Night. 🙊 (You can enter multiple times, make sure you are not tagging the same friends twice) Enjoy!!! ♥️ #Giveaways
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I’ve died and gone to Ice cream heaven!! While surfing a place to satisfy my sweet tooth, I found @fro@frozenicecreamkottu . Which I can recommend you as a good chill spot. . . . @frozenicecreamkottu serves a good variety of ice cream kottu, with great flavors. I ordered 2 ice creams, 2 of my favorite flavors. 1. Kit Kat (500 LKR) - Yaaay yaaay!!! They were really generous with Kit Kats I should say. Used two bars when making the ice cream and then had two in the garnish. Ice cream was silky smooth and soft. Whipped cream was perfect. Loved the texture added by the cashews and chocolate rice crisps. 2. Milo (300 LKR) - My mouth is singing! Milo ice cream was perfect, and I loved everything about it. Milo never can go wrong actually! Milo powdered ice cream, milo balls on top, smooth whipped ice cream and chocolate sauce, what’s more huh? It’s certainly a good deal for the money. Didn’t have much chance to taste lots of flavors as I was sneezing badly 😜 Definitely going out again to taste other flavors. Highly recommended! #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #Foo#FoodiesAlbum #IslandGirl #GoodFood #FoodCravings #YummyInMyTummy #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #DillyEats #FoodVibes #IceCreamVibes #SweetToothed #RolledIceCream #Divine #CakesOfInstagram #FusionFlavors
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Angel cupcakes - Truly a seraphic cake spot. Part I Angel cupcakes is my favorite all the time when it comes to cupcakes and cakes! Well I find @ang@ang@ang@ang@ang@ang@angel_cupcakes_sl as a synonym for Divine Indulgence! If you are a sweet toothed person, I cannot suggest you any better place than @angel_cupcakes_sl So this time we had few of their cakes which tasted heavenly! . . . 1. Passion fruit cake - OMG!!! My mouth is partying hearing that name... super soft cake covered with the best butter frosting you could ever imagine of. And then the best part comes, centre of the frosting filled with passion fruit... and the cake itself was beautiful as it has soaked tangy yet sweet passion fruit syrup. 2. Double chocolate cake - Pure indulgence! It was rich, soft, moist and all I could think of a perfect chocolate cake. Ganache was so gooey and chocolatey. Choc chips added a good texture and enhanced the chocolate flavor in the cake. If you are a chocolate fan, try this and you will never regret.! 3. Ribbon cake - This cake had a own twist to it. I loved the look of the cake which was really appetizing. 🤤 Cake sponge had a almond flavor which is different from ordinary ribbon cakes that you find everywhere. 4. Mixed berry crumble - Hands down this is the best berry cake I’ve ever tasted without doubt. This cake is so damn refreshing and zinging. It had all the berries you could think of 😉 This cake had a good texture. Try this and thank me guys, for recommending you one of the best cakes in the city! 🙈 Best news!💡 @angel_cupcakes_sl will be having a now outlet soon other than the one in Pelawatta. . . . Trust me! @angel_cupcakes_sl has the most scrumptious cakes and cupcakes in town. @angel_cupcakes_sl got a beautiful alluring ambience. Overall rating 10/10 Await my Part II review on @angel_cupcakes_sl soon... Thank you so much @angel_cupcakes_sl for sending me these delicious cakes! ♥️ #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #Foo#FoodiesAlbum #IslandGirl #GoodFood #FoodCravings #YummyInMyTummy #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #DillyEats #FoodVibes #Caking #SweetToothed #Cupcakes #CakesOfInstagram #CakeIsLife #CakeIove
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Hungry much? Need a good break? Then head to Down south’s best chilling spot. @the@the@the@the@thedutchmansstreet is the best Lavazza cafe with Italian food in Fort, Matara! They got some mouthwatering food and drinks. . .....Swipe for more ⬅️..... . Grilled chicken with mushroom gravy and boiled vegetables- Picture perfect this dish is one of the best grilled chicken dishes I’ve had after sometime. Chicken was marinated well and it was juicy. Mushroom gravy was heavenly. Meaty tang of mushroom gravy and grilled chicken are pared well with the boiled veggies. The Jamaican chicken - My favorite! Jamaican sauce is the best. It was glossy and thick. Chicken was great. Mashed potato was creamy and lump free. Here comes the paninis - Totally worth the price. Grilled vegetables- A good option for vegetarians. Loved it and the spices was on point. Grilled to perfection with sesame on top, giving a good crunch. Grilled seafood - My favorite panini! It was creamy, spicy and succulent. There was a good amount of seafood in it (Big chunks of squid, prawns and fish). Best thing about their paninis is the generous portion of French fries coming as a side dish. Ceaser salad with ice burg lettuce, croutons, chicken bacon and boiled egg was one of the best salads I’ve tasted. There was a lot of parmesan on top which was great. Hot butter cuttlefish at @thedutchmansstreet is not the usual HBC, it comes with a mix of bell peppers and capsicum. This dish got a lot of heat and spices. . . . Ambiance of @thedutchmansstreet is the best you could think of. Great architecture which makes sure that every customer would fall for. Service is excellent. Family who owns @thedutchmansstreet will be there talking to each one of you, checking whether you are having a great time. Isn’t it great? If you’re in Down south, never miss going to @thedutchmansstreet , you will never regret! Overall rating 9.5/10 #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #Foo#FoodiesAlbum #IslandGirl #GoodFood #FoodCravings #YummyInMyTummy #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #DillyEats #FoodVibes #DutchmanStreet #LavazzaCafe #BestOfSouth #ChillSpot
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Curious about these damn good looking pasta huh?? Let me just say, hands down one of the best Pastas I’ve tasted after a while. . . . Home made prawn pasta which really suits our Asian palates. @pas@pas@pasta.tales you guys seriously got some best pasta. Im totally in love with the delicious juicy prawns on skewers. They were absolutely beautiful! Pasta was so good and I loved the bit of heat which was spot on. There was a good mix of dry herbs and sauce. Pasta was moist and fresh. This dish was priced 350 LKR which is a good deal as they got big portions. @pasta.tales is a home based business where they sell some mouth watering varieties of pasta. Contact - ‭(076) 944 7176‬ . . P.S. - I love their concept of “Go Green”, they used eco- friendly packaging which is a huge plus point. Overall rating 9/10 @pasta.tales I’m drooling again seeing the photos 🤤🤭 Thank you for sending these scrumptious; absolutely mouth watering pasta!! #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #Foo#FoodiesAlbum #IslandGirl #GoodFood #FoodCravings #YummyInMyTummy #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #DillyEats #FoodVibes #AGirlEatsPasta #Prawns #ItalianFood #PastaIsLife #PastaIsLove
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If you want to get bit tipsy and bundi full, there’s no better place than @art@arthurspizzas . .................................Swipe ⬅️.................................. We ordered their signature Chicken sausage pizza 🍕 Best things I love about their pizzas are the thin crust and the perfect amount of cheese. Sausages were flavorsome and slightly baked onions added extra relish! (1200 LKR) We chose Cuba Libre as our cocktails. Which is made up with a blend of Aged rum, Cola, Lime juice and some thin wedges of lime. Tangy flavor from lime and the strong taste of aged rum and cola were perfectly balanced. (720 LKR) . . Ambience of @arthurspizzas is great. Loved the interior! Service was good too. . . Tip 💡 Happy hour from 5pm - 7pm (Buy one get one free Cocktails 🍸) Overall rating - 8.5/10 #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #Foo#Foodieum #IslandGirl #GoodFood #FoodCravings #YummyInMyTummy #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #DillyEats #FoodVibes #PizzaMoods #Tipsy #TipsyDays #PubsAndGrabs #PizzaForLife
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Thai comfort food 🥘 Dinner with cousins was planned @nar@narathaisrilanka , as we all are huge fans of Thai food. Warm greeting and the interior played a huge role to make a brilliant first impression at Nara thai. . . As our starters we ordered Keaw Tord (590 LKR)- Crispy fried chicken wontons with plum sauce. Wontons were scrumptious and crispy. Rice dishes Kao Phad Nam Prik Kung Seab (790LKR) - Fried rice with shrimp paste, boiled half egg, caramelized chicken and vegetables(shredded green and purple cabbage). Caramelized chicken was juicy and tender. Rice itself had a good fragrance and shrimp paste was so good. Kao Prad Kraprao (890LKR) - Fried rice with chilly, hot basil and beef (we chose beef over chicken and seafood). Fried rice was the same as Kao Phad Nam Prik Kung Seab. Beef was tender and perfectly cooked. Hot basil and chilly flavors didn’t over power the beefy tang but added a perfect flavor balance to the dish. Curry - Chicken Kang Panang (1190LKR) - Red curry chicken. Coconut milk used was so rich and tasted heavenly with the curry flavor. There were good number of chicken pieces in the curry and chicken was flawless. Seafood Phad Cha Talay (1390 LKR) - Mixed seafood with chili, hot basil and galangal. Here comes my favorite!!! Best dish of all! There was generous amount of sea food - prawns, squid, mussels and scallops. . . . Tip💡 Try @narathaisrilanka Pad Cha Talay definitely worth the price. Their noodles and rice dishes’ prices change according to the variety of meat we choose. Overall rating - 8.5/10 #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #Foo#FoodiesAlbum #IslandGirl #GoodFood #FoodCravings #YummyInMyTummy #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #DillyEats #FoodVibes #ThaiFood #AuthenticThai #Omnom #AsianCuisine
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I prefer desserts as mains 🤷🏻‍♀️🙊 . . Our “podi badaginna” led us to new tea avenue outlet in Marine drive, to have their Prawn Toast, basically my favorite nibble all time. . . . But I changed my mind to have their signature Nutella waffles with ice cream. Waffles were crispy yet they were so fresh and delish. I loved the darkened edges of the waffle which added a good crunch and a slight bitterness to the dish (Bitterness was kinda relieving with all the sugar rush). Their chocolate sauce was so rich and ravishing. Dish was served with two scoops of ice cream, I chose vanilla ice cream as I didn’t wanted my dish to have so much chocolatey things going on. In between the ice cream, there was a generous portion of whipped cream which added a relief to the dish. Ice cream and whipped cream both were silky smooth. . . Duh! Sorry that I couldn’t snap their lavish Nutella filled little bowl. 🙄Believe me it was munificent. Nutella, waffles, ice cream is indeed a match made in heaven. Dish was priced around 800 LKR. The portion was decent and definitely worth the price. As it was our “Podi badaginna” both of us shared one of this with their standard milk tea which was priced around 350 LKR. . . @tea@teaavenue1936 Ambiance and service were really good! Overall rating 9/10. Good news is that now @teaavenue1936 have two outlets one in Barnes place and the other in Marine drive. So guys, don’t forget to try their Nutella waffles with ice cream especially on sunny days like today! #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #Foo#FoodiesAlbum #IslandGirl #GoodFood #FoodCravings #YummyInMyTummy #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #DillyEats #FoodVibes #PodiBadagini #TeaAvenueVibes
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Few days back we headed once again to @bak@bak@bak@bakesbybella as we were craving for their “One pan brekkie”. 🤩 Personally it’s my favorite one pan brekkie and without doubt best brunch option in town!! . . . P.S - @bakesbybella should be more popular for their yummiest yet generous portions of savory food too. 🙊 . . One pan brekkie had Two perfect sun up eggs ✔️ One mouthwatering hash-brown ✔️ Sizzling mushrooms ✔️ Two flavor packed homemade sausages ✔️ Delicious Baked beans ✔️ Two tasty bacon slices ✔️ With fresh strawberry jam and silky smooth butter ✔️ . My favorites were the crunchy hash-browns, sizzling mushrooms and flavor packed baked beans... @zachin_d loved home-made sausages the most. And we couldn’t think of anything that needed a change or anything that lacked flavor. 10/10 goes to @bakesbybella “One pan Brekkie “ . What’s more for a perfect brunch huh? And this massive brekkie was 1200 LKR and was totally worth it 🤩 . . So peeps if you’re looking for a yummy and filling brunch, don’t forget to try out @bakesbybella “One pan brekkie”. I promise you, you’ll never regret! 🤘🏻 #FoodBlogger #IgFoodBlog #Foodgram #FoodLover #Influencer #IgInfluencing #FoodOfTheDay #Foo#FoodiesAlbum #IslandGirl #GoodFood #FoodCravings #YummyInMyTummy #Foodie #Dillycious #AGirlEats #DillyEats #FoodVibes #BBB #Brekkie #Brunching
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