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Hat game is going strong. #vansindonesia
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It's a must-have! The Native Embroidery Old Skool combines the iconic Vans sidestripe skate shoe with suede uppers, textile detailing, padded collars for support and flexibility. Available at our store. #vansindonesia
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In the mood with Vans x Peanuts Slip-On. #vansindonesia 馃摲@vanshkg
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Get right with it. #vansindonesia
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Meet the Made for the Makers collection. Built to maximize comfort so that makers can do what they love all day without sacrificing personal style. Available soon! #vansindonesia
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Monday starter kit. #vansindonesia
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Get your head-to-toe look with #myvans. #vansindonesia
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Tag and show us how you style your weekend! #vansindonesia
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Get your Friday on point with the Basket Weave Authentic PT remixed with textile uppers and the iconic low-top style. #vansindonesia
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Seize the moment. #vansindonesia
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Sky is the limit. Off the wall tee available in stores now! #vansindonesia
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Vans Old Skool Pro Dakota Roche is down for the ride. Available in our store now! #vansindonesia
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