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🤔🤔 socialism works though right? #merica
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I see a socialist with no legacy 👀
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Merkel and her girlfriend😂😂😂
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Lmaooo please leave.. you weren’t supposed to be here anyways. Go back to your shithole countries. #merica
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Hahaha kimmel knows he’ll look like an idiot compared to Ben. #merica #benshapiro2024
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Make America Great Again!!!! #merica #trumptrain #winning
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Oh Jeeze Pocahontas is at it again. #libtards
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Happy birthday to an American legend.
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Another reason to Build that wall.... Rest In Peace. #merica
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The left think the American people are dumb, at least that’s what it looks like to me. #lockthemup
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This is beautiful. God bless our nation. #merica
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😂😂 #merica
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Droolin’ Joe #merica
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When you realize socialism will never happen in America. #merica
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President Trump leading by example. #merica
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The first president to ever address the anti abortion march! #merica🇺🇸 #prolife
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Liberals see facts and end up crying about it.
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We believe in making our country the best it can be, not the opposite like these liberal cucks. #libtards #merica #conservativeandproud
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This is hilarious😂😂😂 #merica
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