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The last day of #Summer has us feeling some type of way. πŸ“·: @teresacfreitas
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❀️The Caribbean is in our thoughts ❀️ #HurricaneMaria has left a path of destruction through the Caribbean islands, majorly affecting #PuertoRico, #Dominica, and the #USVirginIslands. It's now making its way towards #TurksandCaicos and the #Bahamas as it passes through the #DominicanRepublic. 🀝 Here's what you can do to help: β€’ Donate to @unicef which is continuing to provide emergency relief to children and families in the area. β€’ @unidosxpr is taking donations online, via phone, or text message. β€’ The @hispanic_federation is raising funds to help with emergency relief. πŸ‘‡ If you know any more ways to help, let us know in the comments!
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Need to relax? Here are a few tips to de-stress before bed: πŸ“ Write: writing makes you reflect and think out your issues. πŸ“±Talk to a friend: even a quick call will balance out a stressful day. πŸ˜‚ Laugh: Browse some funny videos for a quick remedy. πŸ“·: @hannahargyle
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Sprinkle-making is almost like #ASMR 😍 πŸ“·: @sweetsbygrace
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The ideal mood: pink and sparkly ✨ πŸ“·: @caitlinburkenyc
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That look you give your #BFF when it's time for ice cream πŸ‘€ πŸ“·: @jourdanjoly
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During #HispanicHeritageMonth we would like to recognize the important presence of #latinx people in the US. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #PSLatina πŸ‘‰ Swipe through to see all the #facts!
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Breakfast, snack, or something in between. πŸ˜‹
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#LaurieHernandez shares how her #Latinx culture helped her win an #Olympic gold medal in her #HispanicHeritageMonth essay for #PSLatina. @lauriehernandez_ πŸ‘‰ Click the link in our bio to read all about it!
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How can we be transported to this field? 😩 πŸ“·: @hannahargyle
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In need of a #bathbomb that's out of this world πŸ’« πŸ“·: @moustachic
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The #selfcare routine we all deserve 😌
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