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Anaheim, meet the Excavator. Today, Senator Josh Newman went out to see his constituents in style. We pedaled through the streets by Edison Park, knocking on residents' doors along the way. We had a great time and turned some heads, but we were there for a reason: to let voters know who their Senator is and to vote #NoOnTheRecall. Join us on our next trip out by visiting, or messaging us directly! #Excavator #OurChoiceOurVoice #NewmanForSenate
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@csulbdems Have Josh's Back! These engaged students came all the way from Long Beach to knock on doors for Senator Josh Newman. Finals may be around the corner, but they were eager to talk to voters about voting #NoOnTheRecall. Go Beach! 馃寠 #ThisIsHowWeWin #NewmanForSenate
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Our volunteer of the week is David Graham! David has taken his own voting precinct under his wing, and he's already had great conversations with his neighbors about voting NO on the recall. #NoOnTheRecall #ThisIsHowWeWin #NewmanForSenate
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Happy Thanksgiving!馃崅We are beyond grateful for our diverse and dedicated community of volunteers and supporters. It's because of you that we've been able to reach so many voters and let them know that Senator Josh Newman stands for them. And we'll have you to thank when SD29 votes #NoOnTheRecall to keep Josh in the Senate. Our office will be closed for the rest of the week. Let's all spend some needed time with friends and family. We'll be back in next Tuesday, so see you then! #Thanksgiving #OurChoiceOurVoice #NewmanForSenate
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Josh Newman's Army days may be behind him, but he's not done serving. On Veterans Day, we honor the men and women who have answered the call of duty. Since his own active duty days, Josh has found his own ways to honor them. Prior to being elected to the State Senate in 2016, he founded and ran an organization dedicated to helping returning veterans find gainful and fulfilling employment after their service. And as our Senator, he's authored and gotten passed key legislation to make things easier for our veterans, including accessing benefits and education for their children. #VeteransDay #NoOnTheRecall #NewmanForSenate
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One for all, and all for one. Happy Halloween from this Musketeer and the Friends of Josh Newman family. Stay safe and satisfy your sweet tooth!馃巸 #HappyHalloween #NewmanForSenate
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Young progressives came from all over to knock on doors for our Young Progressives Day of Action. We stand united against the underhanded tactics Republican operatives are using to try to recall Senator Josh Newman, and when we stand together, we win together. #ThisIsHowWeWin #OurChoiceOurVoice #NewmanForSenate
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Long Beach Young Democrats Have Josh's Back! They are one of our many organizational partners for tomorrow's Young Progressives Day of Action. We'll see you there! #WeveGotJoshsBack #OurChoiceOurVoice #NewmanForSenate
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Millennials: We might be a little old for trick-or-treating, but that's no reason to stop knocking on strangers' doors.馃巸 Our Young Progressives Day of Action is coming up this Saturday. Come through and help us spread the word about this underhanded recall, hear from young elected officials making a difference in their communities, and get to know other young progressives in the LA-OC-IE area! #TreatsNotTricks #MaulTheRecall #NewmanForSenate Thanks to our partners at Orange County Young Democrats, Long Beach Young Democrats, Orange County High School Democrats, College Democrats of CSUF, Chapman University Young Democrats, College Democrats at UCI, CSULB College Democrats, USC Price Partnership for an Equitable Los Angeles - PELA, Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties, Saddleback Young Democrats, and Yes We Can Democratic Club. See you Saturday!
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Our Volunteer of the Week this week is Susan! She's been helping out on campaigns for 25 years and it shows. She walked in with a warm, infectious smile and had positive, informative conversations with voters about the recall. When she got done with her call list, she asked for another. #ThisIsHowWeWin #MaulTheRecall #NewmanForSenate
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Look who dropped by today! @uci_democrats paid us a visit to knock on doors and get out the word about this underhanded recall. From veteran canvassers to concerned students knocking their first door, they did amazing work. Looking forward to hanging with our Anteaters and other future leaders at our Young Progressives Day of Action on Saturday, October 28th! #MaulTheRecall #WeveGotJoshsBack #ThisisHowWeWin #NewmanForSenate
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A crowd lined up in front of our office, so we saw an opportunity to engage young people and register new voters. #AlwaysOnTheClock #ThisisHowWeWin #MaulTheRecall #NewmanForSenate
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