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To all the women who’ve stood up and spoken this week... you are the heroes. It’s time to break the silence. #met#metoo !! Women and girls are systematically taken advantage of. Now we end it. Put your hand up. Don’t self-process. It takes courage to reach out. #metoo #nomore #speakout ❤️
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Celebrating these women @ondabeautynyc on International Day of the Girl #thefutureisfemale and #nowisthefuture #letsdothis
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This is the best memory to share on my birthday. The best gifts ever. Pure love and joy ❤️❤️So grateful 🙌
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Au revoir Paris... je t'aime @dior 📸@cassblackbird and her feet too!!
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Thank you to @dior for hosting me in #paris. The show was superb. #mariagraziachiuri an extraordinary artist #girlpower #ladyboss #diorss18 💪👊🙌
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@samtaylorjohnson making a splash.... à Paris, bien sur ❤️ 🇫🇷
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Happy birthday beautiful Sunrise @sunnyscallicoonpop You are such a loving, free spirited, bright, artistic, original, gutsy, beautiful, deep, authentic woman. I worship our friendship. ❤️🍾🎉 🎨👯 🎂 pavlova by @sarahbrydenbrown
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Goodnight NYC ❤️ #neverforget
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Farewell summer vacation... and congrats to my friend Julze @valianteclothing for kicking off her new clothing line. Love this dress. 📸 @wattsupphoto ❤️
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