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Police officers in Texas are handing out turkeys instead of tickets.
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DIY Thanksgiving: when all you've got is a vending machine.
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Everyone has their own unique talents. rp: @theycantalkcomics
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Trump used his first Thanksgiving turkey pardon to throw shade at Obama.
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This futuristic library is an architectural marvel, but its walls are lined with fake books.
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Public binging on Netflix is more popular than you think.
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@bosslogic mashed up Stranger Things and X-Men characters and they’re epic.
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These giant rats are helping to make the world a safer place.
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It would take a pretty self-confident person to rock this bike visor.
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A shapeshifting wheelchair helps users move upright.
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This NASA simulation of aerosols reveals a lot about the recent hurricanes.
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Tag your human ❤️
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