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Sliding into the weekend like...
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The truth about your sleeping partner... Art by @katarinasilverman
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This artist paints sneakers with temperature-sensitive dye. @sircastleteees
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Step inside this mind-bending studio where every painting is a mesmerizing optical illusion. Patrick Hughes is an artist like no other – he doesn't do normal and presides over all conventions to create insanely mind-bending paintings that come to life as you move around them.
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It’s true — people are using avocados as the ring box to propose to their significant other with. Real avocados, real diamond rings. This is probably the most millennial thing yet.
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Incredible images taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope reveal a gigantic "fart" storm on Neptune as it starts to fade.
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The Flyride is a personal watercraft with powerful jet propulsion that allows it to lift and become a "hydroflyer."
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The comedy hit 'The Office' came to an end in 2013 and most of the cast has moved on in their careers. But no matter where they are or where they end up, they will forever be treasured in our hearts as the dysfunctional employees of Dunder Mifflin.
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Candy Mechanics is a London startup that uses 3D modeling CNC mills to create tiny, but delicious chocolate heads. Specifically human heads. @candymechanics
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Cue the tears. rp: @sideofricepilaf
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British marine biologist, Alexander Wilcox, has been working as an apprentice under “shark whisperer” Cristina Zenato and is showing off the skills he’s learned to divers in the Caribbean.
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Boston Dynamics tried to prevent ‘SpotMini’ from escaping, but it turned out to be quite resilient.
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