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Happy Tapir Tuesday! You may be wondering, where is Indah? Indah, the new Malayan tapir calf, is still being cared for behind the scenes as she transitions from nursing to eating solid food. This process has upset her stomach. She is doing well, but will remain with mom, Bertie, out of public viewing, so our animal care staff can observe her and her behavior. We will keep you up-to-date on Indah, and will let you know when she begins to make public appearances again. Please continue to send positive vibes to our (adorable) calf as our dedicated staff work to help her feel better. In the meantime, get your Indah fix and watch her on the live tapir cam: mnzoo.org/tapircalf2018 - - - #TapirTuesday #savingspecies #savingwildlife #mnzoo #dayatthemnzoo #nomnom
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Did someone say brunch? Amanda, the ring-tailed lemur, enjoys some papaya. Most primates’ noses are flat and dry, but lemurs have long, wet noses similar to dogs. They can smell a favorite fruit from 1000 ft. away. Thanks to Zookeeper Melissa for the photo. #SundayFunday #Sundayvibes #brunch #lemur #dayattheMNZoo #mnzoo
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We’re ready to pounce on #Caturday! Our animals receive #enrichment every day to keep them mentally & physically strong. Join us for our next Animal Play Day on March 17. #dayattheMNZoo #40YearsofAmazing #mnzoo
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Escape the cold & come explore the Tropics! This weekend kicks of Tropical Beach Party. Grab a pail & play in Minnesota's two biggest indoor sandboxes. #dayattheMNZoo
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Diving into the weekend like our Malayan tapir calf! Drumroll please…we’re excited to introduce you to “Indah”, which means beautiful in Malay. Thank you to everyone who participated & submitted the 1,838 ideas for our calf’s name. #babyanimal #FridayMotivation #FridayMood #dayattheMNZoo #40YearsofAmazing
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Show the baby tapir some love! Send an e-Valentine now and help protect this wee little one. mnzoo.org/valentine #valentinesday #babyanimal
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#ValentinesDay or #GalentinesDay, show the people in your life you care. Send a personalized e-Valentine now, featuring the @mnzoo’s new endangered Malayan tapir calf! mnzoo.org/valentine
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Here in Minnesota, a wolf pack’s territory can range anywhere from 25 to 150 square miles. This is even bigger for wolf packs in Alaska and Canada. Thanks for following our Instastory as we tagged along with the @mnzoo’s "Wild Wolf Edventure". Learn more about our Travel with the Zoo program at mnzoo.org/education - - #funfact #wolf #DYK #wolves #WolfEdVenture #mnzoo #OnlyinMN
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#DYK the average speed for a wolf is about 5 mph. However, when sprinting, they can reach 36-38 mph for short distances. Follow our Instastory and tag along as we go on the @mnzoo’s Wild Wolf Edventure. Learn more about our Travel with the Zoo program at mnzoo.org/education 📷: Zoo Photographer, John Oakes - - #funfact #wolf #wolves #WolfEdVenture #mnzoo #OnlyinMN
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Guaranteed to be the best #Valentine your friend or loved one gets this year. Send a personalized certificate, with proceeds going to help the @mnzoo save endangered animals like the Malayan tapir. #cutealert mnzoo.org/valentine
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Today's the day! Our one-month-old Malayan tapir calf is making her public debut on the @mnzoo Tropics Trail. 🎉 We can't wait for you to meet her! Zoo guests will be able to see the calf daily, starting at 9:00 am, for short periods of time as she adjusts to her new space. To celebrate her debut we're also launching our naming contest for the little one! Submit your ideas at mnzoo.org/tapircalf2018 - - #TapirTuesday #dayattheMNZoo #tapir #OnlyinMN #mnzoo #savingspecies #sustainablepalmoil #babyanimal #babyanimals
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It may be Monday, but tomorrow is #TapirTuesday! Our #MalayanTapir calf will be one month old tomorrow. To celebrate we'll have some exciting news to share. Stay tuned! 📷: Zoo Photographer, @jeremiahschuster - - #tapir #dayattheMNZoo #mnzoo #mondaymotivation #babyanimal #sustainablepalmoil
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