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When a vow is made, the total focus of our entire being is to carry out our word. It involves an intense desire that feeds our will, which is the essence of the power of our being to fulfill our commitment. Our word and vows should never be taken lightly. Allah (God) does not take our vow lightly. We should never enter into the institution of marriage thinking of a way out. We should enter into marriage totally committed to work out the problems that arise. The success of marriage is not based solely upon the word “love.” The success of marriage is based upon our duty and obligation to each other, which nurtures and strengthens the bond of love. #Farrakhan #BlackLoveMatters
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You have the ability to reflect God! He made you, in His image and after His likeness. So how could you be from God and not have the potential to become a god? #Farrakhan
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The role of every male is to do the work of Allah (God). In the Qur’an, the man is made to stand in the place of Allah (God). This means that the work of the man is really the work of Allah (God). That work entails the building of a world that manifests the characteristics or attributes of Allah (God). This world includes a nation, a government, systems of education, economics, judicial, trade, commerce, research, development, science, industry, agriculture and agribusiness. This is the work of Allah (God) to supply the needs of the human being as He has supplied the needs for all of His creatures. When man assumes the posture of Vicegerent or Khalifah, or one who stands in the place of Allah (God) acting on the Will of Allah (God), then the scripture in the Book of Psalms is fulfilled, wherein it reads "Ye are all gods, children of the Most High God." #Farrakhan
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They didn't kill Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. because he had a dream. They killed him because he woke up.
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Let us become a new man and woman, and take off the old man and woman and cast it in the garbage pail where it belongs. #Farrakhan
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Reflect God in the way you think and act. #Farrakhan
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There’s a scripture in the Qur’an that says, “Seek assistance through patience and prayer.” There’s a long distance between the spoken word of God and the fulfillment of that word and in that time period, the faith of the Believer is tested. But through patience, perseverance and continuing to work on ourselves to make ourselves better in the pursuit of justice and truth and equity, over time we will become what God intends for us to be. #Farrakhan
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As a leader, your job is not to condemn your people. #Farrakhan
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When your mind is focused and made up you don’t make excuses. If you fail, you try again. #Farrakhan
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Every time you speak the truth, you get stronger in the truth! But every time you lie, and you know you're lying, you just weaken yourself, because The Truth supports the Universe. A lie supports nothing. And don't exaggerate, because the moment you add to the truth, you take away from the truth, turning it into a lie. Every time you lie, you undercut your ability to be what only Truth can make you into. #Farrakhan
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America is on a course, now, that will lead to the final conflagration, The Final War. The whole world will be engulfed in this Final War that I think these policies from our government will bring into existence. #Farrakhan
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There is no success in building a nation without the building of family. There is no success in the building of family without the respect and honor for the institution of marriage. However, we are beset with divorce and the problem of infidelity. As a result of divorce and infidelity, hatred is building between mothers and fathers, which is causing children to suffer. We can talk about many things that are important in life, but nothing is more important or sacred than family and the cornerstone of family, which is marriage. I want to see successful marriage in the Nation of Islam and among Black people. Marriage in Islam starts with the recognition that we are not complete without a woman, or without a man if you’re a woman. But the critical part of male/female relationships is in setting up a social context where men and women can meet each other under proper circumstances that do not degenerate into vile speech or actions. Every mosque should set up proper social circumstances for single Brothers and single Sisters to meet each other. The proper setting is not at clubs or places where women are disrobed and men try to pick up a woman for a one-night stand. #Farrakhan
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