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I️ don’t know who’s phone interrupted my super-special announcement...but i DO know I’ll be doing and super special meet & greet with @ogx_beauty at the @ultabeauty in Temecula, CA this Thursday Nov 16th from 6-8pm (the line will open up at 5pm)....get ready Temecula for lots of hugs! #OGXxKandeeHoliday #kandeejohnson #hair #deliciousness WHO KNOWS WHERE TEMECULA IS?!??
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Feeling like I’m playing princess...trying to find the right dress to wear to host the @aiaawards !!! It will be the biggest beauty awards show ever...the biggest influencers and some of your favorites from Instagram in Hair, Make-Up & Nails will all be there and you can be there too! 🎟Hurry and snag any tickets left at: aiaawards.com it’s on November 18th! It will be beauty’s biggest night of glamour! Who’s excited to see which dress or dresses i picked! DRESS: @michaelcostello #aiaawards #beauty #awards #biggest #night
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Forgive my bathroom background...it just has good lighting in there.... MAKEUP OF THE (other) DAY. LIPS: my #IWantKandee X @toofaced lipcolor in Freshly Baked with Melted Ice Cream on top STAR HEADBAND & EARRINGS: @melodyehsani AMAZING WHITE SPARKLY DRESS: @michaelcostello 💆HAIR: @wisewoman_rising 💄MAKEUP: me BOOBGLUE (I’m not joking...i have never Worn a top this “daring”- so i has to tape everything down): @boobglue THIS WAS FROM MY HOLIDAY WONDERLAND LAUNCH OF MY 🙈SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER COLLECTION WITH @ogx_beauty !!!!! 🙈It’s now launched on store shelves everywhere and i created each scent myself!!!! Candy Gumdrop, Frosted Sugar Cookie & Sparkling Cider - wait til you smelllll then! 👃🏽💖❄️ #NoseHeaven #OGXxKandeeHoliday #motd #boobglue #is #real #kandeejohnson #HAIR #👃🏽
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Not only did my back get to make a debut, I used boob glue for the first time and I️ felt like a snow-fairy-princess last night...,All for the launch party for my Limited Edition Holiday Collection of 3 yummy and delicious shampoos & conditioners with @ogx_beauty 💕💕💕they are all out now in @walgreens @cvspharmacy @target @walmart @ulta & @amazon ❄️💜❄️💜❄️💜❄️💜DRESS: @michaelcostello STAR HEADBAND & EARRINGS: @melodyehsani HAIR: @wisewoman_rising MAKEUP: me BOOBGLUE (to make sure no boob made a debut): @boobglue 😂😂😂😂 #kandeejohnson #ogx #collab #ogxxkandeeholiday #hair #for #the #holidays #❄️
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The moment you are known for costume makeup looks...and all your good costumes are in storage and the only one you have is Wreck-It-Ralph & 5 minutes to get ready....and this is what you end up with 🙈 ...kids didn’t even know who I was...well 2 kids did and I gave them hi-fives and extra candy!
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BE-THOR & AFTER....from Girl to Thor, then Old Thor to New Thor! 👩🏼💇🏼‍♂️This could be the most fun costume idea! This video is part of @marvelstudios month-long “Helaween” campaign so check out other content using #Helaween #ThorRagnarok in theaters November 3rd #ad #makeup #transformation #cosplay #costume #idea #beforeandafter
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This picture is from a bad angle, the lighting isn’t good, my hair looks messy, and I barely have makeup on, it’s not good quality and kinda grainy and blurry...NOT A GOOD PICTURE from a “beauty guru”... But I don’t care. This is me and how I look if you walked into my room right now. I love makeup and pretty pictures....but I love real moments and imperfections even more. Always remember the internet is full of illusions of perfect faces, bodies, relationships and lives...but I think the beauty is in the realness people share. Show me your hard times, your cellulite, your messy hair and beautiful no makeup faces....share the realness because each one of us needs realness. The fake stuff and lives just gets people depressed and it’s all illusions. No one has bad days, just perfect shopping trips, dinners, parties, vacations and and perfect lives!?! That’s the most delusional thing ever. Truth is, I’ve cried almost every day this week. And that’s ok. That’s the truth and the truth is beautiful and real and human. I’ve also got cellulite and stretch marks while we’re at it! 😂😂😂 #NoInternetIllusion #Stop #fake #instagram #depression
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Yesterday meant so much to me and my mom @theshannonjohnson... We went to @fid@fidm where my mom had gone to school to be a fashion designer...but she fell in love with dad, got married and had me and raised me with a love of fashion design, art and inspiration. I wouldn’t be the person or artist I am without my mama! 👶🏻Growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer long before I discovered makeup...my mom would watch a show called, Style with Elsa Klench -she showed all the runway fashion shows and interviewed the designers. I would watch along with my mom and then go spend hours designing entire collections. When @patrickstarrr FaceTimed me at FIDM showing me the window display (because he was there seeing the fabulous window display they made of him too) the students had made of me, my mom and I started crying. 😭And we continued to cry several more times. I’m so honored that any of the students would make this incredible window and honored by how much love the entire FIDM staff and faculty made us feel! What a joy, blessing and honor this was! Thank you so much @fidm and to each student that worked on this...I’m so honored, I love you and you don’t know what this meant to me and my mama! #fidm #fashion #design #love
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💥NEW VIDEO💥 Even if you’ve never seen @gameofthrones - you will have fun watching me turn @harto go from Girl to Guy into Jon Snow ( @kitharingtonig ) 👆🏽CLICK LINK IN MY BIO TO SEE IT👀- from new eyebrows, facial hair and special fx ice crystals! Costume by the amazing: @rufio_lost_boys @hbo #gameofthrones #jonsnow #kitharington #kandeejohnson #makeup #costume #transformation
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Behind the scenes feelin’ a little like Beyoncé today... So thankful for days like this (even when you only slept for 1.5 hours 😂)...life is full of some hard days and days like these are just sparkly gifts to your heart! 🙈you’ll be able to see this sparkly day in January on tv!🙈 BOOTS: @jeffreycampbell SWEATSHIRT DRESS: wrong choice when it’s 90 degrees in LA BEYONCÉ CROWN: made by me (with the help of @todrick & @withjoshskinner) MAKEUP: by moi HAIR: @wisewoman_rising #ootd #dem #boots #bluehair #but #feelin #like #beyonce
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NEW VIDEO UP.....click the link in my bio to watch me turn @harto into Jon Snow from @gameofthronesnotofficial __________________________ 👁COMMENT BELOW YOUR EYECOLOR👁 #gameofthrones #costume #makeup #kandeejohnson #harto #hannahhart #transformation
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⭐️We might not feel like WONDER WOMAN everyday but at least I know I can show you how to try to look like her (Linda Carter, the original Wonder Woman) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂⭐️ #wonderwoman #makeup #costume #ideas #makeupartist #kandeejohnson #tbt
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