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Yesterday’s Fit Styled by @danasia_sutton Makeup @reneemadeulook Hair @tb_hairstylist #ULTRAVIOLET
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Thank you @yalestewart for creating such an awesome comic based on the ULTRAVIOLET album. We had it projected on the walls during the event last night. #ULTRAVIOLET
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Those who have been with me since DAY 1, know how special this moment was for me last night and how much of an achievement as well. I started off on Tumblr when I was 16 (thanks to my friend Jadé) and began to build this whole new world for me with people who changed my life and honestly helped mold the story of who I am today musically and just as a person. From relationship to friendships, it all grew organically for me through Tumblr. From loitering around the streets of Soho. Hanging in McDonalds doing absolutely nothing, lmao. Making weird ass youtube videos just goofing around and being care free teens. I thank the “New York Tumblr Crew” for all the years and amazing memories we built together. Even though we’ve all grown apart, I wish you all the best in life and hope you’re still following your dreams. Being able to collaborate with @tumblr on the release party for my debut album makes me so proud. My 16 year old self, signing up for tumblr, wouldn’t believe this. And thank you so much for the people who’ve been following me since then. You don’t understand how much it means to me when I meet someone and they tell me they’ve known of me since then. Thats real love. I appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart 💜
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Recap of last nights celebration of my debut album ULTRAVIOLET Video by @edotxx
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Thats a happy gurl #ULTRAVIOLET
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Bro came through to support last night, love you #ULTRAVIOLET
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.. and now here’s a few photos of me and my whole entire best friend, also my # 1 hype man, from last night #ULTRAVIOLET
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Thank you @ciroc @deleontequila @taodowntown for throwing me a dinner for ULTRAVIOLET. #deleonnights #frenchvanilla #bluedot Got to celebrate with the people who were behind the scenes of it all. And for those who couldn’t make it, you were super missed 💜
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Last night was toooooo much fun! Thank you to everyone who came out. @uadnyc my family, thank you #ULTRAVIOLET
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Loving this NEW @nudestix Rock N’ Roller Eyeliner and my fave, the Intense Matte Lip Pencil in Purity. Can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow! MY DEBUT ALBUM IS OUT!! #nudestix #nudestixpartner #gonudebutbetter
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ULTRAVIOLET is out now Thank you everyone who worked on a was apart of the journey for my first album. Thank you to everyone who’s been rockin with from the jump. Thank you thank you thank you. And for those that always ask what it is that Justine Skye does... here you go :) much love 💜
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Got the physical in my hand.. this is crazy 😭 #ULTRAVIOLET drops at midnight
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