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Debuting six new #GucciPlaces: @lacma, which launched the first annual #artandfilm Gala in 2011, sponsored by the House; @waltz_tokyo_japan—the ultimate destination for retro music, magazines and stereo paraphernalia; Bibo Restaurant (@bibohk) in Hong Kong, an extraordinary location with a 1930s feel. Access info on a Place, visit its website and discover its calendar of events through the Gucci App, download it through link in bio.
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Dedicated to those seeking the unexpected in travel and experiences, unveiling six new #GucciPlaces. Download the Gucci App through link in bio to read a special guide to each Place, check in and win a badge. Collect the badges of all Gucci Places, and share them on social media.
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Introducing six new #GucciPlaces: mapped from curious corners of the world, new locations reveal extraordinary beauty and spellbinding stories. @chatsworthofficial, the first Gucci Place and the setting of the #GucciCruise17 campaign, is joined by @castellosonnino, a family home, a historical wine estate and an international educational center, situated in the hills of the Chianti wine region in Tuscany; @maisonassouline, London’s cultural concept store, an oasis of culture and style in the heart of bustling Piccadilly and Biblioteca Angelica in Rome, founded in 1604, the first public library in Europe. Download the Gucci App through link in bio to discover more about the project.
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#GucciEyewear embellished with crystals, worn by tiny kittens inside #GucciDécor mugs, illustrated by Ignasi Monreal for #GucciGift. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18 Discover more through link in bio.
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Evoking traditional interiors of South-East Asia @ignasimonreal’s illustration for #GucciGift features incense burners crafted in @manifatturarichardginori porcelain, from the #GucciDécor line to personalize home spaces. #AlessandroMichele Discover more through link in bio.
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A teacup puppy pops out of a #GucciDécor mug, wearing #GucciEyewear sunglasses with hand-applied crystals from #GucciCruise18 by #AlessandroMichele. #GucciGift Illustration by @ignasimonreal. Discover more through link in bio.
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3/3 • “The chairs are borrowed from the reception area in the Gucci Hub” says @ignasimonreal about his illustration depicting new #GGMarmont velvet bags embellished by crystals, part of #GucciCruise18 by #AlessandroMichele. Discover more through link in bio.
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2/3 • Created by @ignasimonreal, Florence’s panorama features a UFO flying above the cupola of the Santa Maria del Fiore. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #GucciGift #GucciCruise18
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1/3 • “A view of Florence, inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Spirited Away’, one of my favorite Japanese animation films,” @ignasimonreal. Inspired by real places, the artist created fantastical new worlds for #GucciGift. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
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Originally a plane factory called Caproni, the Gucci Hub in Milan gets reworked by @ignasimonreal. The entrance of the building is watched over by harpies—half-human and half-bird creatures of Greek and Roman mythology that represented wind spirits—wearing the new #GGMarmont velvet bags with crystals, part of the #GucciGift selection designed by #AlessandroMichele. Discover more through link in bio. #GucciCruise18
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“Heaven opening in Gucci Hub in Milan,” Existing places seen through the eyes of @ignasimonreal for the 2017 #GucciGift Catalogue. Designed by #AlessandroMichele, a #GucciDionysus bag trimmed with crystals. Discover more through link in bio. #GucciCruise18
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“It is reminiscent of port containers and trucks full of fake bags. Among of all these Dionysus bags, Dionysus himself,” says @ignasimonreal about this artwork created for the #GucciGift campaign depicting the new #GucciDionysus bags from #GucciCruise18. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele
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