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Looking for the perfect gift this #diorholiday season? The exclusive #diorific Lip Khol comes in 6 intense shades with a powdery, matte finish. @diormakeup #diormakeup #diorlook
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Bold #lips and sharp #eyes are the secret recipe for a memorable #diorholiday season! Featuring #diorific Khol in Bold Amethyst 991! @diormakeup #diormakeup #diorlook
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The @diormakeup “Christmas show” by @peterphilipsmakeup is about to start! More to come soon! #diorholiday #diormakeup #diorlook
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The unmistakably feminine 'Dior Grand Bal Plume' watch came about as the result of eight months’ exacting research by Dior's Swiss watchmakers. With its precision hand-cut and applied feathers, tiny twinkling diamonds and tsavorite garnets, and swirling malachite dial, it evokes the House’s peerless couture identity in time-telling form. #DiorSavoirFaire #DiorHorlogerie
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“A ball gown is your dream, and it must make you a dream,” according to Monsieur Dior. And in answer to that comes the 'Dior Grand Bal Plume' watch, featuring the unique Dior inversé oscillating weight exquisitely tricked out with 25 tiny hand-set feathers to reproduce the swish of a ball gown at a party that never ends! #DiorHorlogerie
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Inspired by Christian Dior’s taste for extravagant society balls, the highly limited-edition 'Dior Grand Bal Plume’ watch marks the perfect fusion of couture savoir-faire and Swiss watchmaking excellence. It takes 3 days to prepare and carefully attach the 25 white feathers to the signature patented Dior oscillating weight. Against a background of a swirling green malachite dial - symbolizing protection and good luck - and a glossy green alligator bracelet, they swish and flutter inside their steel case's diamond-dotted bezel. #DiorSavoirFaire #DiorHorlogerie
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La D de Dior Satine, designed by @VictoiredeCastellane, wraps the wrist in precious refinement! Mimicking a satin ribbon, its signature supple metal mesh bracelet is the result of extensive research and development, and with its diamond-studded bezel, crown and buckle it represents a flawless fusion of Dior fine jewelry and Swiss watchmaking savoir-faire.⠀ #DiorJoaillerie
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La Mini D de Dior Rose des Vents watch, designed by @VictoiredeCastellane and inspired by the Rose des Vents jewelry collection, takes the wind rose and transforms it from an indicator of direction into a teller of time. A black satin strap subtly offsets the profusion of fine jewelry and watchmaking perfection, as the diamond-set crown and stainless steel rice grain bezel frame the telltale star on a dial of malachite or white or pink mother-of-pearl.⠀ #DiorJoaillerie
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"Behind the symbol of travel, we find Christian Dior's star and the idea of a good luck charm, but also the rose, his favorite flower," said @VictoiredeCastellane about the inspirations behind her Rose des Vents collection. Available in our boutiques worldwide and on dior.com, as a talismanic token this exquisitely crafted bracelet provides the perfect seasonal offering to any aspiring wanderlusters out there!⠀ #DiorJoaillerie
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Since time immemorial, stones and gems have possessed a special magic all their own. When she designed the Rose de Vents pieces, Creative Director @VictoiredeCastellane sought to produce a selection of exquisite talismans, as modern and elegant as they are mystical. Featuring six different hard stones, each with its own symbolic meaning, the collection is available for discovery in our boutiques worldwide!⠀ #DiorJoaillerie
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A woman who borrows her man’s watch so that she always thinks about him… this is how @VictoiredeCastellane conceived La D de Dior! Designed with precious materials like gold, diamonds and ornamental stones, this collection reconciles the jeweler’s expertise with the watchmaker's craft. A glittering timepiece that wraps the wrist in a combination of hues paying tribute to Christian Dior's passion for color!⠀ #DiorJoaillerie
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The Rose des Vents collection, created by @VictoiredeCastellane, is a reinterpretation of Monsieur Dior’s symbolic star, here as a wind rose. As necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, these refined jewels center around a distinctive double-sided medallion. Whether the wind rose side or the one of the choice of six hardstones faces out, a dash of color comes coupled with a dose of good luck!⠀ #DiorJoaillerie
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