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salty ab leaving my second home
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oh please
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sleepy heads
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happy birthday to the girl i couldn’t live without. you are so special and i can’t thank you enough for always making my day better and continuously making me laugh i love you more then words can say <3 -carys
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thank you<3 @michaelkors
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nyc has my <3
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better together
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& we back
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happy happy birthday to the person i couldn't live without. my best friend, and my brother. i can't put into words how much you mean to me and how proud i am of you. your so talented, humble, kind, and the funniest person i know. these last 14 years with you have been the best💗 happy 17th dylan! you deserve the world!! @dy1and
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stripes & smiles
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missing this more then ever💗
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