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The return of '80s cult label, @fiorucci -- read more on
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The return of '80s cult label, @fiorucci -- read more on
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The return of '80s cult label, @fiorucci -- read more on
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For almost five decades, Japanese photographer Joe Honda has collected tens of thousands of images of motorsport photography. At 27, Honda travelled to Europe for the first time, speaking little English and with little money on him. "I sometimes had to choose between buying a roll of film and my next meal," he says.
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"While I know him as dad, to the rest of the world he is Joe Honda, one of Japan's most celebrated motorsport photographers," says CNN's Emiko Jozuka of her father. Honda first travelled to Europe to pursue motorsport photography in 1967 , speaking little English, with two analog cameras, $500 and a Toyota Corolla. "He was set on venturing where no Japanese photographer previously had," Jozuka explains.
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Japanese photographer Joe Honda has photographed motorsport for almost five decades, snapping the likes of Niki Lauda and Ayrton Senna as they clinched #FormulaOne world championships. Honda, who is opening up his archive online for the first time, tells CNN that "motorsport photography was, by nature, my occupation -- it ran in my blood and was my life."
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Leonardo da Vinci crafted one of the machines at this mill, where silk has been woven for centuries. The Antico Setifico Florentino silk-weaving mill produces some of the most sought-after fabrics in the world, and the patterns produced here go back to the golden years of the Renaissance. See how it's made here.
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At this perfumery, no two scents are the same. A custom bottle by Perfumer H can cost $20,000, and clients own the rights to their formula, guaranteeing there is no one else in the world with quite the same scent. See how the bottles are made here.
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The @steinwayandsons piano is composed of 12,000 individual parts and constructed by 300 people. It takes a full year to assemble and is the piano of choice for about 90% of the world's performing concert pianists. Here's how it's made.
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"I don't think there's any point in blending in, people struggle to be themselves a lot of the time ... but as years go on you become more confident in yourself, because you realise all these conditions you were told in the past were completely wrong." - @daniellismore on CNN Style's new series, The Adorned.
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The all new #CNNStyle is officially live - head to now.
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"When I walk into a room, people are either going to get scared or they'll talk to me or they'll take a photo -- and for me this breaks every social boundary down," @daniellismore on CNN Style's new series, The Adorned.
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