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Love. Equality. Opportunity. . . . 🎨: @Patric Franz 📍: AMS Sr Designer #️⃣: #worlddayofsocialjustice #socialjustice #love #equality #opportunity
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Proud to be part of @adage’s 2018 A-List. A huge congrats to all the crazy talented people within the 72 fam!
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Changing the face of breakfast one Boiler bun at a time. ☝🏼Check out our stories for some #BTS action. . . . ⭐️: @hardees #️⃣: #sourdoughselfie
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NYC team kiln it with their pottery night at the office. 😎 #artsandcrafts
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Networked with our future bosses today! 💥 Truly gratifying to share our mission and discuss all things creative with @aafnational Most Promising Students. #MPMS18
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As a celebration of Black History Month we put our focus on Black Art. Hosting a gallery of 35 pieces including ceramics, videos, paintings, photographs, lithographs, mixed media, works on paper and sculptural installations, all from artists within the LA community. Such an awesome celebration of creativity across multiple mediums which focus on the joy, pride and struggle of the black experience. . Mark Bradford has work alongside many other contemporary artists explores the difficult questions and concerns of today's Black community, as well as our society at large. . Alex Anderson work delves into the impact of beauty and the ephemeral nature of organic perfection. . Sharon Barnes’ work questions discarded material and using transformation as a metaphor tries to understand the complexity of her experiences. . Juan Logan brings a unique historical perspective to this exhibition as his work is born out of his southern roots and expands on a reality removed from the California landscape. . Justin Dixon and Jamaal H. Tolbert focus like Logan on social, political and cultural issues, investigating historical precedent brining our country's complicated history to the forefront. . Carla Jay Harris and Jaimie Milner explores narratives through portraiture with a contemporary vision of the black community. . #bLAckart #blackhistorymonth #LA #art
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Nothing can’t be done without a smile and a little confidence. ☀️🔆 . . . 📸: @catond #SunnyPerspective
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Thank you @nickmisani for blessing us with your Art Deco Lettering Workshop yesterday. So many fun tricks! 🗒🖊🌺 . . . #artdeco #lettering #jazzage #glamour #vibes
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🍕TOO MUCH SAUCE . . . #pizza #pizzaday #toomuchsauce
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One of the mantras that @dan@dannynouri lives by is ‘figure it out’. 🧐 No matter the situation... he will work to figure it out. “I never thought I’d be an art major in college after never taking an art class in high school and I never thought I would move to LA and work in advertising.” He also never thought his life mantra and his job would mesh so well together until he stepped into a role in production. 🎥 . “Go with the flow because everything happens for a reason.” . . 🤗: @dannynouri 📍: LA Jr. Film Producer #️⃣: #gowiththeflow
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💥 @ahmedklink making this place pop. #future
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