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When your teammate in Fortnite starts running away from the storm without picking you up (via @gamecockfb)
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Ole Miss has the coolest homerun celebration in college baseball @starting9
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Move over tramp stamps, there is a new king tattoo
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TAG someone who would drink with Mike Pence @barstoolnewsnet
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Girls who pack their jaw 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏 @barstoolgamecocks
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Always have someone who has emergency tenders in your crew @barstool_siuc
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SOUND ON* Dirty Dancing 2 (2018)
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When Brad and Chad get their hands on a 6er of Mikes Hard
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OMG I just loveeeeeeee pizza @chicksintheoffice
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Smokes weed once* Becomes one with the environment @zoomass
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Which cup you using at the party?
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