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Robert Orel Dean (born March 2, 1929) Tuscon AZ. #RobertDean retired from the U.S. Army as a Command Sergeant Major and served at #NAT#NATO Command. after a 28-year career. He has appeared on radio programs, TV documentaries and at conferences discussing the subject of #UFOs and a government cover up of #alien visitations to Earth. Dean claims to have viewed a classified government document called "#TheAssessment" that allegedly discussed threats posed by alien activity on Earth. Dean had "#CosmicTopSecret" clearance while in the military. That is the highest level of above Top Secret for #NATO. Source New York Times. In this video Robert Dean discusses the fact that some of the Aliens look just like us. Or in my opinion, we look like them. They can infiltrate government, military and regular civilian life because you cannot distinguish them from earthlings. #4biddenknowledge Truth is... They never left. #Anunnaki WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL The4biddenknowledge on youtube
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Ah look what I found. Was supposed to prevent fires... Instead, fires increased.... hmmm PROJECT SUMMARY: In January 2014, Governor Jerry Brown proclaimed a State of Emergency throughout California due to severe drought conditions. In response to the Governor's proclamation, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors directed Public Works to pursue enhancing local water supplies by reviving a cloud seeding project. On October 20, 2015, the Board Approved the County of Los Angeles Weather Modification Project and awarded a service contract for As-Needed Weather Modification (Cloud Seeding) Services to North American Weather Consultants (NAWC). This contract was for a term of 1 year, with four 1-year renewal options.  #4biddenKnowledge ☕🐸
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YOU’RE HERE FOR A REASON Your intuition tells you there’s more to our story, something you’re not finding in your current paradigm. You can feel it in your bones. We are all connected, we’re part of something greater, and there is something more meaningful in this life that’s not present in our daily routines. Your intuition is right. Gaia is here with some new ideas and the world’s largest resource of conscious media to – well – empower the evolution of consciousness. That’s a rather massive vision, but truthfully, it’s why we do what we do at Gaia. We want to create a new reality, one of mindful people living in harmony with our environment and each other. And with you, we can do it. Thank you for being here. We promise to light the fire if you will carry the torch. #4biddenKnowledge #DjediOrder Visit my channel and watch a few free episodes.
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#Norsuntepe – Little-Known Mysterious Prehistoric Site In #Anatolia, #Turkey: Why Was It Abandoned And Destroyed By Fire? Norsuntepe is located in the #Keban area (modern eastern Turkey) on the Upper Euphrates, about 25 km from Elazig. The crown of the hill had an area of approximately 500 m to 300 m, within which settlement traces were detectable by archaeologists. Excavations at Norsuntepe were conducted between 1968 and 1974 by the German Archaeological Institute archaeologists led by Harald Hauptmann, the Heidelberg professor of Prehistory and Early History. The field works had to be finished by 1974 because of the construction of the Keban Dam works and rising water level. In the excavations of Norsuntepe, archaeologists conducted investigations on the extractive metallurgy of copper, arsenic and a lustrous gray metalloid found in nature and known as antimony. Norsuntepe was probably a fortified site, with mudbrick houses finished with plaster and in some instances had wall paintings. It has been identified 40 settlement layers from different periods of time, namely the late Chalcolithic (4,000- 3,000 BC) through all phases of the Bronze Age until an Urartian settlement in the Iron Age. Evidence of an ancient advanced global civilization is all around us. OPEN YOUR EYE. #DjediOrder #4biddenknowledge Song is Halls Of Amenti by @DonnyArcade ft @4biddenknowledge @_crewzthroughlife_ @richvagner NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE
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These are soulless avatars operating on Matrix programming. Rp @tlaloc503 #4biddenKnowledge
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Archaeologists have made a gruesome discovery fit for a horror thriller: 16 giant severed hands buried in and around an ancient Egyptian palace. A team of archaeologists unearthed the 3600-year-old bones of 16 severed hands from four pits within what is believed to be a royal Hyksos compound. They are all right hands. AND ALL HANDS FOUND ARE VERY LARGE. Austrian archaeologist #ManfredBietak, who is leading the excavations in the ancient city of Avaris, told the journal Egyptian Archaeology that the severed hands appeared to be the first evidence to support tales in ancient Egyptian writings and art of soldiers cutting off right hands and claiming a bounty of gold. Cutting off the hand was a symbolic means of removing an enemy’s strength. #4biddenKnowledge ------------------------------
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Rp @chididdy26 @Regranned from @earthmood - @primitive_technology - Check it out! Via @toolaholic - #regrann Song is 432 Hz Elevation by @4biddenknowledge and @richvagner NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE #4biddenknowledge
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Déjà vu is the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. Déjà vu is a feeling of familiarity, and déjà vécu is a feeling of recollection. Remember who you are. #4biddenKnowledge #DjediOrder
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A Sonic drill rig can obtain good drilling and sampling effects in sand gravel layer with high-frequency ... frictional resistance between drilling tool and hole wall while the vibration effect moves soil particles away from the cut. This is more evidence of a global advanced civilization in ancient times. The same architect taught the same techniques around the world. #4biddenKnowledge #DjediOrder Come to my workshop at the @consciouslifeexpo in LA Feb 10th and 12th, 2018
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