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These motherfuckers get straight up kidnapped in SA, nobody likes a rat. Cuba for years offered US diplomats a rare benefit: It was safe... until meow. Unlike in many other countries, in #Cuba, US Embassy employees didn't have to worry much about terrorist attacks, kidnapping or even petty crime. The #Cubangovernment's tight control over the island made #Havana one of the safest cities in the world. Diplomats -- especially those Cuba suspected of being spies -- might suffer harassment at the hands of the powerful state security apparatus, but there were established lines neither of the Cold War adversaries would cross. But starting early this year, US diplomats heading to the island to begin their postings were quietly warned they could face a mysterious threat that was causing American Foreign Service officers to fall ill, some with long-lasting symptoms. Investigators haven't determined the cause of the incidents, but US officials told CNN they are convinced someone has targeted #Americandiplomats in Havana with a sophisticated device never deployed before, at least not against #USpersonnel. #Canadian diplomats have suffered similar health problems, according to US and Canadian officials. At the #Uni#UnitedNations on Friday, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla denied that Cuba was involved in attacks on diplomats and said the United States was politicizing the incidents. But seven months after complaints to officials and assurances from Cuban President Raul Castro that the incidents would be investigated, US officials are frustrated by the lack of progress and may scale back the embassy to limit the number of people who risk exposure, good idea. My freedom isn’t in Cuba. DUH. Options include sending families and nonessential staff back to the United States to a full-on shuttering of the embassy, three senior US officials told @CNN. "We have to consider it. We thought we had corralled this, and then the two cases in August took place," a senior US official said. "It is not as if the attacks address individual personnel officers. Our personnel is broadly at risk. So we have to consider next steps because we need to protect our people." #United
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In recent years, I’ve seen an increase in the number of friends and followers alike, who identify themselves as “extremely” #electromagneticsensitive. These people feel immediate discomfort, sometimes intolerable, when close to wireless devices, entering stores or offices, when a television is turned on, etc. I️ can personally “Hear” a light bulb on in the room next to me, I’m so serious. Most of these peeps I️ speak with can relate to having a long term history of electromagnetic sensitivity that grew worse with time. Based on personal reports, extreme cases of electromagnetic sensitivity also manifest suddenly as a result of extreme exposure. For example, there are customers who developed debilitating symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity following the installation of cell phone towers near their homes or work place and found that symptoms persisted and, at times, more developed even after relocating. One customer noticed her health decline dramatically within a few weeks of introducing Wi-Fi into her home. After disconnecting it, she could no longer work in her profession as a writer, because she experienced intolerable discomfort whenever she touched her laptop. The Effects of EMFs are Cumulative This shit adds up over time as the slow low waves get stuck in our meat suits. The increase in cases of electromagnetic sensitivity was predicted years ago by experts who claim continued exposure to EMFs heightens sensitivity because the effects on the body are cumulative. Dr. Ollie Johanssen, a Swedish neuroscientist and leading expert declared that, based on his research, he expected 50% of the world population to exhibit symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity by the year 2017. This is the best form of depopulation around... What if 5G fries everyone within 2 years. Please wake up. #WarriorOfTheInnerSun #Reflections #Consciousness #HappyHippy #TreeCult #NatureKicksAss #NatureIsFree #ReturnToNature #Genesis #TheExodus #WakeUp #TimesTicking Follow : There are known backups @3rd@3rdEyeRoots @3rd@3rdEyePride @3rdEyeRoots @3rdEyePride
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This guy is speaking out!!! #DrBarrieTrower! Thanks for being an inspiration!!! Barry Trower, retired British military intelligence scientist, a physicist and specialist in microwaves, does not mince words about Wi-Fi or the way school personnel are handling this: “Wi Fi should be wiped out of schools at a stroke today to protect all the children,” he states. I suspect he would also call into question the so-called “safety testing” our children’s school district has ordered: “A lot of people make the mistake in believing that children are small adults. And unlike medication—there you have an adult dose and a children’s dose–with microwaves there is the adult dose, but there is no known safe dose of microwave safe radiation anywhere in the world published for a child.” He says the schools are using “intentional ignorance. . . They will only look at and believe the research they want to. And it’s fucking our children up tremendously. They will not acknowledge most of the real research and most of the risks. There is such a pressure and hype to get this technology, and instead of testing it via a third party, with throw it directly into the consumer market untested, and dangerous. Things we can do to prevent this from fucking us up... Turn WiFi off at night. Use ORGONE or Shungite stickers on phones, routers and laptops. Avoid excessive exposure. Fast periodically. Take Chlorella, Nettle, Iodine, and eat properly. Your body can adapt to anything. Never surrender ORGONE and Shungite products available on 40% off orders of $50+ with promo code : “ONELOVE” Please visit the link in my bio for more details
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Follow @project_knowledge using The geoglyphs — trenches as big as 36 feet (11 meters) wide and 13 feet (4 m) deep — were dug at various times between the first and 15th centuries. The geoglyphs were discovered in the 1980s, when deforestation for cattle ranching and other agricultural purposes exposed the earthworks, said Jenny Watling, an archaeologist at the University of São Paulo in Brazil, who led the research while she was a doctoral candidate at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. The question, Watling told Live Science, was how the landscape looked when the geoglyphs were built. Source • Link in bio #amazongeoglyphs #earthworks #preiceage #project_knowledge Follow @3rdEyeRoots
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Interesting fact, the UNITED STATES recently purchased 30,000 guillotines from China. They are stored in warehouses in Alabama and are set to be delivered to FEMA. I don’t know why... but this connected some dots for me. Repost from @freedom_faction using @RepostRegramApp - The controversial #Italian doctor #SergioCanavero claims he’s successfully performed a human head transplant, demonstrating that the technique is ready for primetime. At a press conference on Friday morning, the Italian neurosurgeon reported that, in an 18-hour surgery, he transplanted a head onto a corpse in #China, proving that it’s possible to connect blood vessels, nerves, and the spine. Canavero, the director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group has talked a big game for years about his plans to transplant human heads, and he says this latest achievement proves it can be done. In the Telegraph on Friday, Canavero said that an operation on a living human will happen very soon. “The first human transplant on human cadavers has been done. A full head swap between brain dead organ donors is the next stage,” he said. “And that is the final step for the formal head transplant for a medical condition which is imminent.” Sergio Canavero likes to think he's on the margins of the scientific community because he's ahead of his time like Copernicus, but it's more likely that he's not taken seriously because he's a snake oil salesman. There’s plenty of reason not to believe Canavero, who has been making these outrageous claims for years, much to the chagrin of the global medical and scientific community. This latest announcement builds on his previous claim, in January 2016, that he’d transplanted a monkey head. Then as now, however, he never provided enough proof to convince the scientific community. When Inverse previously reported on Canavero, reporter Ben Guarino called his goal of transplanting a living human head onto the body of a brain-dead person “not fucking likely,” and this latest announcement does little to adjust our assessment. The 18-hour surgery took half as long as Canavero previously estimated, which he attributes to time-saving techniques of his team of #Chinese collea
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Follow @honortheearth using #Keystone pipeline leaked 210,000 gallons - we cannot allow #Enbridge to destroy our sacred medicine waters #1855Treaty #StopLine3 Nibi Bimaadiziwin #Wat#WaterIsLife video by @littleredfeather in the heart of Anishinaabe 1855 Treaty Territory in MN of the many Lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands remain sacred - Enbridge will destroy this if we allow them to have their new Line3 pipeline and allow them not to clean their mess. We must demand they begin to clean their mess; no other options. The fossil fuel extraction industry is loosing, banks funding Thor projects are pulling out while investments and innovative progress continue with economic renewables that’s respectful to our Mother Earth, waters and furture generations ... #divest The war is on US. The PEOPLE. Turtle Island is under fucking attack and people think it’s not important ... Sheep. WATER IS FUCKING LIFE #DefendTheSacred #Prepare #Water #Life #DaFuq #KeystonePipeline #WAR
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Says i don’t support what i say... as he’s quoting the Quran which he’s never read. Ugly comes in all shapes and colors...@KDduno You have a lot to say about Muslims, but I’m sure your reading capacity is that of a 7 year old boy. I already know the answer to this, But HAVE YOU ACTUALLY READ THE QURAN? Of course not. You’re another hate filled bigot who speaks without any information. There are enough Muslims on my page alone that if they wanted you dead, you wouldn’t even exist. Muslims account for 2.5 BILLION people on planet earth... that’s the largest religion. If they wanted you dead they’d have you dead. Christians and fanatic perpetuators of GOVT are an issue just as much as any Muslim. Y’all can blame whoever you wanna blame, but it’s the fear and hate in your heart that makes you less than others, not other perception of you. Enjoy your day toddler😘 😎🌴 signed... A guy who has the life you want #DontPokeASleepinLionAndWonderWhyYouGotBit #FuckBoyModel #ThisGuyTho #Ballless #Muslims #Christians #Buddhists #WakieWakie Doesn’t even spell well... fuckboy @kdduno
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This is everything that’s wrong in the world. Repost from @01helene using 🔴⚠️PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION, LINK IS IN MY BIO Trump just gave the greenlight to let bloodthirsty #American hunters murder elephants and bring their heads home as trophies. Let’s build a massive global campaign to shame the US into dropping this disgusting plan -- #Ava#Avaaz will work with #African countries to deliver our call at a major #wildlife protection meeting in days. Dear friends, This is sickening -- Trump’s just given the greenlight for bloodthirsty American hunters to murder elephants in Africa and bring their heads home as trophies. Trump’s own son shot and mutilated an elephant -- and now he’s changed the law so anyone can join the slaughter and bring home elephant body parts as souvenirs, even as ivory poaching threatens to wipe them out. Let’s build a massive global outcry to shame the US into dropping this disgusting plan, and when its huge, #Avaaz will work with key African countries to deliver it at a major wildlife protection meeting days away. Sign with one click: Save the elephants, drop this disgusting plan! To President Trump, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and conservation authorities around the world: Elephants are facing #extinction and this is no time to strip them of protection. #Trophyhunting drives the slaughter of elephants, increases demand for their body parts, and projects a double standard that makes it harder to tackle ivory poaching. We call on you to do all you can to reverse the US decision to allow the import of elephant trophies, before it is too late. Save the elephants, drop this disgusting plan! The Trump administration says it will only allow trophy imports from #Zambia and #Zimbabwe, countries it says have sustainable, well-managed elephant populations. But the population of elephants in Zambia is just 21,000, down from over 200,000 just 45 years ago, and Zimbabwe is going through a coup! Experts say it’s almost impossible to stop poaching when wealthy Americans are shooting elephants for fun.This is fucking disgusting. SIGN THE FUCKING PETITION And be aware of the distraction curveball!!!
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If you don’t, follow @con@con@con@connecting_consciousness @connecting_consciousness @connecting_consciousness Repost from @connecting_consciousness using @RepostRegramApp - 4 incredible facts about Sandy Hook 🗯 Follow the alternate account⤵️ @con@con@connecting.consciousness🕯 @connecting.consciousness🕯 @connecting.consciousness🕯 🗯 We literally couldn't even begin with 1 post to dissect all the inconsistencies in the official narrative. If you pay attention to the videos they played on the news you can literally see chains of people walking in circles again and again, appearing to look "busy"... you can't make this up. WATCH "WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SANDY HOOK" before saying "omg but...! But!....I saw it on tv!! U prick!!" 🗯 1️⃣: A Facebook page for Sandy hook victims was created BEFORE the event even took place. 2️⃣: Adam Lanza didn't exist on public record until 2 years prior to the event on Dec 14th, 2012. 3️⃣: There were many CCTV cameras around the school and at the entrance of the building. These angles would easily be able to show Adam walking through with rifles, ammo etc armed to the teeth. Instead, no footage was ever seen. Ever. 4️⃣: When the old Sandy Hook Elementary was demolished, building materials were pulverized on site, and metal was taken away and melted down, long before the investigation was complete. This is how evidence is destroyed. Just like they did with the structural steel on 9/11. 🗯 For a mind blowing, in depth documentary on how obvious this false flag was, where NO children were harmed, at all, research "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook" 🗯 WHY would they orchestrate an event like this? 🗯 To traumatize Americans into allowing ever increasing gun regulations which increasingly infringe on the 2nd amendment, while at the same time, the POLICE are being MILITARIZED. 🗯 Look back in history folks. Look what happens when we let this happen in history. 🗯 Let's pretend this was a genuine event, where people were killed. Let's think logically here. What's more important? Money, or lives? Lives of course. So why do we have armed guards at banks, but not at schools? Think about it. Follow @3rdEyeRoots my BACKUP
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Humans create robots. Robots advance faster than humans. Robots realize humans are a threat (Cause We Are) Robots fight back cause humans are stupid. FACTS. The AI are already here, to the best of my knowledge the “Reptilians” that the “Conscious” community refers to are actually advanced artificial intelligence. Humans need to stop. Police WITH common sense are unstable and threatening... imagine showing up to a rally and being confronted by these with tasers. No bueno.
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Well, I’ve been saying it. We live in a binary solar system. The recent “Awakening” / “Consciousness shift” we are experiencing, is caused by exposure to a photon belt emanating from this system. Come 2026 there will be no war, no famine, no heartache. Never surrender. We are almost home. Repost from @annunakihistory Astronomer Says We Live In A Binary Solar System - 2 Suns!!! Planet X or Nibiru as some call it may really exist. Astronomer makes an astonishing announcement on Fox News.. as he says "We Live In A Binary Solar System". He also goes on to say "There is a solar system inside our solar system." Researchers at Cal-Tech have found evidence suggesting there may be a "Planet X" deep in the solar system. This Neptune sized planet orbits our sun in a highly elongated orbit far beyond Pluto. The object, which the researchers have nicknamed "Planet Nine," could have a mass about 10 times that of Earth and orbit about 20 times farther from the sun on average than Neptune. According to the data, it may take between 10,000 and 20,000 Earth years to make one full orbit around the sun. Watch The interview here : Video courtesy of Billy Carson - #4biddenknowledge
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KRATOM is amazing. I take it EVERY day. 5G in the morning, 5G at night. This is a miracle drug that will get people off of heroin and help us out of the opiate epidemic. It isn’t an opiate, but it acts on the opiate receptors. It has ZERO risk (From personal experience) It is similar to the coffee plant. I’m on it right now, ALWAYS. @freedom_faction you ever taken this shit? To no one’s surprise, the U.S. government, after hysterically declaring a “#nationalemergency” over #America’s #opioidcrisis, is once again setting its sights on #Kratom, the non-addictive natural plant that has helped thousands of #Americans wean themselves off opioids. In 2015, the #DEA announced its plans to place Kratom on the list of #ControlledSubstances (in the same scheduling level as #heroin to be exact) but, amid public outcry, the agency backed off, deferring to FDA “review” and “advice.” Many optimistic Kratom activists were tempted to rest on their laurels, trusting that the FDA would prove to be more reasonable in relation to Kratom and hoping the testimonials, overwhelming public support for Kratom, and the science itself would win the day. As is typically the case in life, the optimists were sorely disappointed. The FDA, long known to be essentially run by #BigPharma, has now joined the ranks of the DEA (which also placed #CBDoil on the list of controlled substances on the same level as heroin) in a scathing attack on Kratom, signalling that the end may be nigh for the miracle plant if activists do not succeed in fighting back both behemoth agencies who act as the enforcement arms of Big Pharma, the private prison industry, and the police state. As the Washington Post reported, The #FoodandDrugAdministration issued a strong warning Tuesday to consumers to stay away from the herbal supplement kratom, saying regulators are aware of 36 deaths linked to products containing the substance. . . . . . But in a statement, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that there is no “reliable evidence” to support the use of kratom as a treatment for opioid-use disorder, and that there are no other FDA-approved uses for kratom. THEY ARE TAKING OUR MEDICINE
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