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Öncelik babamda olmak üzere; Öğretmenler ! Kutluluklar
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아파서 집에만 있으니까 별걸 다 해준다
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嘿 若隱若現 #男友襯衫
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Dünyayı sevgi kurtaracak 💜#öğretmenlergünü
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Tag temen kamu yang punya talenta unik 😊 . #rahasiagadis #rahasiagadisday #haritalentaunik
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Ready for my family. #PrinceKairo👑 #princekairosfirstthankgivingdinner . Table done by #millenmagese⭐️💛👑 . Many thanks to Bryant park grill for hosting us always . Great service! Delicious food 👌🏼 Both cakes by @cakeinacupny
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Hey guys I'm @tomkahler a photographer from Sheffield | UK. I love to travel in my VW T5 and document my journey through images and video. Here's my third post of the take over, one of my favourite shots from a 1 months Europe roadtrip this summer. A perfect cabin on the beautiful Obersee Lake just after sunrise it was so still and calm, the mountains really out us in perspective here, I love it when nature makes us feel small.
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How tall do you think i am
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Happy birthday @thesubratapaul AKA Spiderman. #BackTheBlue
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Great thanksgiving day with the amazing workers and volunteers @houseofcharity53. So blessed to partner with a great charity for my 1st Thanksgiving Celebration! Hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving day 🦃
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#FNG80 , #КАЗАХСТАН , 26 ноября
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Дорогая, ты не видела мой галстук? . #blackandwhite
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Günaydın Büyük #Fenerbahçe Ailesi!
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The camera couldn’t capture all the goodies that were on the table.. thanks SO much to miss@osishoham the one and only that can pull off huge dinners and always look fresh , sharp and calm as if it was nothing.. make everyone feels at home and welcome. It was my first Thanksgiving and I must say that I think this holiday is beautiful. All about gratefulness and togetherness. We should make it an international holiday. Happy turkey day you guys. May we always count our blessings and remember to be humble 😚
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Monster RS6 by @darwinproaero | CarbonFiber Widebody. #carlifestyle
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Thanksgiving dinner gave us all the itis....Me & My Dogs & my Tommyjohn pajamas.... #HappyTurkeyDay #LiveLoveLaugh
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