Double trouble 🔥🔥 @jamesfelixraw @layulyana @annavirovka 🔥🔥
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Spends 3 days in a campervan, turns in to an intrepid traveller. #womanoftheland
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For the “Latin Grammy Award” event in Las Vegas, Maluma wore Dolce&Gabbana. #DGCelebs #DGMen
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Baddie @enjyselim 🔥🔥
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MUITO amor pela nova coleção da @estilonanaminze que tive o prazer de fotografar 💙 marca que já sou fã há tempos, e quero saber de vocês: qual dos dos looks vocês gostam mais? O vestido amarelo todo fofo ou o look da blusa com saia midi? Duas propostas diferentes! Diz aí nos comentários qual foi seu favorito! #ootd #me #lovely
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Today I had my 21-week Ultrasound and I was so excited!🤗 I enjoyed every second of seeing my little love bug and most important: the doctor told me everything is going great (and my baby agreed - you can see it in my story 😜). I couldn’t be happier!💕 __________________________ #week21 #ssw21 #proudmamatobe #momtobe #miracle #instamama #pregnant #pregnantbelly #pregnancy #pregnantfashion #pregnantstyle #pregnantlife #expecting #expectingmom #babybelly #lovemybelly #babybump #bump #maternity #fitmom #momlife #babylove #healthymom #healthylife #schwanger #schwangerschaft #babybauch
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THE 46ERS® Want To Join The Crew? Decals & Membership ➡️ Features ➡️ #the46ers Vehicle(s) ➡️ Owners, Photographers & Models Are Tagged _____________________________________________________________ #team4six #the46ersnorcal #e46 #e46m3 #m3 #s54 #becauseracecar #bmw #bmwm #bimmer #m1 #m2 #m4 #m5 #m6 #bimmerfest #race #car #carporn #carbonfiber #supercharged #turbocharged #supercarsunday #3series #bimmerpost #bmwgram #carsofinstagram #bagged
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in anticipation of new events
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#Vegas sunsets
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Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan! 🙌⚡️🔥 • 👩🏻 @markina 👙 @gooseberryintimates 🏝 @theislandwild
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He like oh my gawd😱 JACKET: @covergirl_couture 😍
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@aymaneserhani حياة آطونسيو مع أيمن راه سيليباطير كان معوج Hayat ! Célibataire il était M3awajje 😂 Bravo Khoya pour la Chanson Mbarek ou Massoude 👏🏼
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✖️| DON‘T LET SMALL MINDS TELL YOU THAT YOUR DREAMS ARE TOO BIG. . Viele von uns vergleichen sich ständig mit anderen und sind dann demotiviert oder lassen sich runterziehen. Das kann man wohl oder übel auch nie ganz abstellen. Aber ich möchte euch eine kleine Hilfestellung geben: Ihr seht eine blühende Blume und eine verwelkte Blume. Automatisch sagen wir, dass die blühende Blume schön ist. Aber wer sagt denn, was schön ist? Weil es allgemein so ist? Wir müssen lernen UNTERSCHIEDE zu erkennen, ohne zu bewerten. Jeder ist gut so wie er ist. Aber jeder Mensch ist ANDERS! Versuche öfter Dinge zu beobachten, ohne sie zu bewerten - glaubt mir, es hilft! 😊🤙🏽 #focus #motivation #inspiration
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⚡️⚡️SPACE TUESDAY 28th⚡️⚡️got the day free for a decent one hitter. Message me. Working a day off. So no mates rates,pay laters or body suits to be drawn.
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Продолжение.... Международный Конкурс! 🛍 Я объединилась с моими друзьями-блоггерами и ютуберами, чтобы подарить одному счастливчику iPhone 8, 2-Instax Mini 9 и 2- Faced Makeup. Для участия: 1⃣ Подпишись на меня. 2⃣ Лайкни это фото. 3⃣ Переходи к @alana_venum и повтори те же шаги. 4⃣ Далее повторяйте эти шаги на каждом аккаунте, пока не вернётесь назад ко мне. И не забудьте написать в комментариях "Done", как только закончите. 5⃣ Если хотите увеличить свой шанс на победу - отметьте своих друзей в комментарии внизу и поставьте лайк на мои последние 5 фотографий. *Конкурс заканчивается 22 ноября 2017 г. Победитель будет выбран с помощью генератора случайных чисел. При обозначении троих друзей - у Вас будет преимущество. Имя победителя будет названо в описании к этому посту на всех аккаунтах. Видео самого розыгрыша призов будет опубликовано в сторис. Мы проконтролируем верность всех шагов каждого участника.😉 *This contest is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use.
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bu şarkı sesime gitmiş mi hemen söyleyin lazım
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NO VEAN ESTE VIDEO 🚫 Porque se van a quedar con ganas de mas!!! ⚠️ Si mañana muero, digan lo que digan yo seré leyenda 🌫🔥 ESTO ES LO PRÓXIMO! “CHAMBEA” 🔜🔜 NO HA SALIDO Y YA ES UN HIMNO! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Pendiente que ya mismo les anuncio la fecha de salida 🏁 Vamos a hacer historia! Dimeloooo!! @alexkillermusic @djluian @mambokingz @noahassad @fernandolugoo @spifftv 🤐🤐
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@mikey_wyn | cast #Rotiform LAS-R
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WHY CHOOSING NOT TO TAKE YOUR HEALTH SERIOUSLY IS GOING TO COST YOU 💰💰💰 DOWN THE ROAD 🔽🔽🔽 (pic from maceyphillipsfit) - I find it interesting when people say it’s “to expensive” when it comes to investing in their health. You either pay up front when you’re young🧑🏻👱🏻‍♀️, or on the back end when you’re older 👵🏻🧓🏻 - By not taking care of yourself what happens⁉️ - end up wearing and tearing your body down. - ❌Bad food ❌Not exercising ❌Sitting a lot ❌Binge drinking alcohol ❌Not prioritizing any type of fitness - Now is it ok to eat bad ONCE in awhile? Of course ✅ - Is it ok to drink alcohol? Yes of course ✅ - Is it ok not to work out 6-7 days a week? Yes of course ✅ - But has anyone seen the shape of someone at age 50+ whose worked out and eaten healthy consistently, COMPARED to someone who hasn’t? - It’s usually not fact i had someone i knew who fell down and hurt their eye recently pretty severely because of poor balance. I believe it’s from not exercising over the years. - While this could happen to anyone it happens to them on a very frequent basis. Health and fitness were never a BIG priority in their life and so now what is happening? (Not including the other health issues going on either) - Emergency room visit 💰💰💰 Eye surgery 💰💰💰 Added health issues 💰💰💰 - So when it’s all said and done what’s the better option? - Handling it when you’re young and creating good habits forever OR not addressing it and being best friends with the hospital and doctors? - Investing in yourself isn’t an option. It’s just whether you wanna do it NOW or LATER. Don’t wait till later. --- Credit: @maceyphillipsfit
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Matt and the boys have always been supportive of my vlog and Instagram, but never have I seen them so enthusiastic and willing to test out a product as when the new Discovery from @lan@landrover_uk rocked up on our drive. We got to test it out for a whole week and it was extremely sad to say goodbye to this car 😭 I’d like to warn everyone that if you test this car out ... you will want to buy one. It is amazing 🙌🏻 Thank you again @landrover_uk for letting us try it out. I think you can tell how much the boys loved it - even Caleb is smiling 😂😱 #discovery #landrover
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