If you claim it and speak it, it shall become yours. 🖤 ( set from @fashionnova )
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neverland for adults ✈️🌈🍕
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Wifey Vibes 💍👰 tag a wifey to be that needs this Midi ❤️
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Anatomy of a Calla Lily’ oil on wood🌾 Prints avail in my shop🌾
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A massive compliment from the beautiful women @cherylofficial
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Creo que no puedes conseguir lo máximo de ti mismo si lo que haces no va acorde con lo que piensas y sobretodo con lo que SIENTAS. Crea desde tus emociones, no desde los resultados 💜💜 Comenta qué te hace sentir lo que acabas de leeer que me gustaría leeros 👀⬇️⬇️
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Drooling over this gender neutral nursery! 😍🤤💙 #lovemypbk {📸: @beginnersinteriordecorating }
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When they say “Worn Once” 😭 #BRKicks 📸 @ogkicks101
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Special FT this morning to wish our beautiful mommy a ‘Happy Bday’ Enjoy your day mom GBLY ✊🏽🤙🏾🎉🎉🎉
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Training session before #PSG#PSGDFCO 👊 🇫🇷 #KylianMbappé 🇧🇷 #NeymarJr 🇧🇷 #ThiagoSilva 🇺🇾 #EdinsonCavani 📷 Christian Gavelle #PSG #Football #Paris #ICICESTPARIS
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I would rather live a life full of failures than a life full of regrets
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Ronnie the Limo Driver denied following any x-rated Twitter accounts on Tuesday, but his co-workers quickly proved otherwise. “Do you know how to work Twitter?” Howard questioned. (link in bio) #Howard100
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Listen... hear that? The desert is calling. Will you answer? Photo by @_williamphoto
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Beautiful Andromeda, the black goddess, daughter of Angel Shakira and King Autano. 👸🏿🖤🐆 Hermosa Andrómeda, la diosa negra, hija de Angel Shakira y de el Rey Autano. 🖤👸🏿🐆 Photo by @panterinha_jwf #teamandromeda #andromedaproject #proyectoandromeda #savejaguars #savehabitat #mexico #oaxaca #angelshakira #jaguarsintothewild #jaguaresenlaselva
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Завтра новый выпуск на YouTube, но кто пропустил выпуск про «Женский бизнес», скорее идём смотреть по активной ссылке у меня в профиле!😉 История девочек @nai@nailmaker.bar просто удивительна! Начали с нуля, а сейчас уже продают франшизу на маникюрный бизнес! Всегда восхищалась такими людьми! Теперь мне хочется больше делать таких выпусков, чтобы вас замотивировать на действия! Не надо сидеть и ждать, а надо взять и сделать, как это сделали Марго и Валя @nailmaker.bar ! Девочкам желаю ещё большего развития, а вам, мои хорошие, скорее найти себя и любимое дело! Всех😘
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Extrañando al futuro esposo de amor 🤗💜
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SS18 Syrup Collection #thisisSUMMEROFLOVE | Now available at bimbaylola.com #linkinbio
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It's not ONLY genetics. - I hear people blaming genetics every chance they get for having weaker muscle groups. I don't have genetically gifted triceps, I just have a crazy good mind muscle connection when I train them. - Whether you know it or not, you have a stronger mind muscle connection in your larger, strong and more developed muscles. - When people ask how to bring up lagging muscle groups, it's not genetics! It's a combo of frequency and the quality of your training! You don't just double up your shitty workouts that you don’t feel in the first place, you make the shitty workout better! - Genetics play an important role in regards to insertion points, but shouldn’t be used as a crutch for not improving the insertion points you were born with. - Develop a strong mind muscle connection, train hard, eat to match your goals, stop bitching. - Left pic 👈 15 years old, just before getting into bodybuilding style training (not sure on my weight). Right pic 👉 29 years old, 14 years lifting (about 195lbs). - #fit#fit #fitnesslife #fit#fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitnesslifestyle #fitlife #fitfam #fitnessaddict #mylife #bod#bodybuilding #bodybuilder #hardwork #flex #healthylife #body #muscle #dream #believe #achieve #oregon #igfitness #igbodybuilding #workharder #transformationtuesday #tuesday
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I can’t wait the summer and the Scitec events 💙
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