Olha ela, toda em movimento ela 😂 Amo usar tênis e mochila com peças mais arrumadas, tipo esse vestidinho ❤️ Look todo @carmensteffens 😍
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А у нас продолжается ночной семейный променад по городу моего детства, по родной Варне, накануне Концерта в другом курортном болгарском городе- Бургас. Ночной- потому что город пустой совсем и никому нет до нас никакого дела, потому что мы совсем одни.... и это счастье!😜🙌
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Hey guys, my brother and Boriqua @ama@amaurynolasco is raising funds for Puerto Rico after the devastating Hurricane Maria. Please help in anyway you can! #Repost @amaurynolasco ・・・ Ser Boricua es sinónimo de generosidad, fortaleza y perseverancia. Mis boricuas necesitan de ti. Únete y ayúdanos a levantar a mi gente. Yo estaré allí hoy. Ayudemos a los nuestros ! Everyone out there! Our people in Puerto Rico need you now more than ever after Hurricane María. Please donate via this link of "Puerto Rico Unido" whatever you can, nothing is too small (https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=FiS5tJl8v5tWXhLA42Dtpeg2rdqCWm7JjO7XqfHr_Un7SR-XC9qYtfB_KD0G3h4OTqj9BG&country.x=US&locale.x=US). This will all go directly to the people in the Island via the Government official effort and the Red Cross local chapter. Gracias, God bless!!! #puertorico🇵🇷
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ئەم ئەکتەرە کێیە؟ . دووجار ببینه‌ ئینجا بریار بده‌؟ . @kurd_clips
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Every test is a blessing and every blessing is a test A test that brings you closer to your Rabb is better than a blessing that takes you away from Him. Ponder.
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I been on the low I been taking my time... 😜🍯💋 #chanelayana
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Our gal @gabbydawnallen giving us all the Moroccan vibes head to toe QUIZ 🌵💖👑 #QUIZQUEEN
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This song is my current obsession... ya know when you've always loved a song but it comes back around 😂😍🎶🎶 #lenbarry #sixties #love
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Another weekend, another romantic trip with my girlfriend. Rachael & I are spilling the tea on our Vegas trip on my podcast this week. #straightupwithstassi
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ژن هێنانێکی جیاواز. . کۆمێنتی تۆ چیه‌؟ . @kurd_clips
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Hello Hako! 🤗 @sonkeiblue featured in the new new issue 🤙 #superstreet #hakosuka 📷: @mannyspixels
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Congratulations to @broncos QB @tsiemian13 and RB @cjandersonrb9, @fedex #AirandGround Players of Week 2!
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I want to be a yoga mat when I grow up. @officialkmig #yoga #stretch #😗
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Обсуждаем с @lopyrevavika статью в @kp_star_onlinekp 😂🔥
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🌸 Lace - S L A Y 🌸 @laceymontgomery1 in our embroidered dress - in sale now for only £29.99! #QUIZQUEEN (🔎 00100012311)
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Sprinkle covered Moccs are so sweet! 👏🏼💜💙💚💛❤️ you can get our moccs on www.sweetnswag.com 📸 @mirabellamoments
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In its percussion-heavy sophomore album, @Ibeyi2 drums up a collection of empowering anthems. Recorded last fall, amid the turmoil of the presidential election, the tracks often feel like a sounding board for global resistance. "We know we can’t change the world, but we do believe that our music brings hope, and that’s the energy we transmit when we perform,” says @oeil_l.k. “For that hour and a half, we come together with our audience; we are one.” Photographed by @chadmooreholla.
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#BroncosCountry, double tap to congratulate @tsiemian13 and @cjandersonbr9 on being voted the @fedex #AirAndGround players of the week!
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im sorry i've been so inactive physics is beating my ass rn i promise i'll boost my photo game soon
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Fuerza Puerto Rico! México y el mundo están con ustedes! Juntos nos levantaremos! Para ayudar entra a www.unidosporpuertorico.com
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Buen rato el que hemos pasado esta tarde con los más pequeños en la @adidas_es Welcome VCF Academy 🔝👦🏽🙌🏼
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Tanrim nerden sevdim nerden duwdum bu belaya 😋😋💓💓💓 @anarheyderov 💓💓💓👈
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