Happy Birthday @future. 🍾🍾 Photo: Daniel Boczarski/ Getty Images
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Night night 😴💖
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#logic thanks #drake for paving the way for him via @montreality
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B R A I D E D 🌟 by @michaelgrayhair 💁🏼 excited 😊 to be off to 💫The Cotswolds 💫with my GAL @freddy & @viktorandrolf for the next few days 💕 catch more on the stories 🐾 💋#amynevfashiondiaries #modelblogger
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Follow @yogapractice - your daily yoga inspiration 😍 Photo @gasya
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Unconditional ♥️ Congrats to my baby brudder @iamjules_moor on committing to Stony Brook! New York will never be the same 🏀😜
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@chelsringring_ JUMPS OFF THE PAGE IN 'NEO RHYTHM' EDITORIAL BY @thomkerr FOR AUSTRALIA'S @laudmagazine - from the AFROPUNK.com archives!
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So happy to officially present my new forex signal expert advisor website 'BuyorSellFX.com'. I've been trading forex for over 4 years now, 2 of those years I struggled to perfect my methods and systems to predict the markets successfully. The two following years, once I learnt the hard way, I've been massively successful with my trading to the extent where I decided to live abroad for a few years and just made money from my laptop wherever in the world I was. Now I'm so excited to be able to pass my knowledge onto others to help them with their own success. The website will not only provide signal advice but will also have an in depth, personalised training programme for beginners who want to learn too. I'm shaping this as a very exclusive club and therefore capping off membership at 5000 members, so sign up now while there are still spaces! FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP FOR EVERYONE! I look forward to trading with you when the website is up and running 👌🏼📈💻 give us a follow @buyorsellfx#tradesensibly • • Many thanks to @chrisjeromejames for the amazing promo vid 👏🏼
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“My goal is for my work to hopefully be enjoyed and recognized even way longer when I’m gone,” Cesar writes. “To share sentiments and thoughts. I want my art to light a candle in the dark and to be a lookout for others who might need encouraging.” - @cesar_does_it more on AFROPUNK.com !
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If nothing else... it’s an impressive streak! Thanks for that @nike that’s was fun. Edit: Just to be clear.. I’m not upset at all. I went in to this knowing. If I would have hit dope. If not cool too.
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I can change your whole sauce, you a lil mo' spicy 💦💋 shot by @leondash make up by @ginanicole_monroe 🖤
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Follow @hypebeastfr: Futura stopped by colette for a live painting session to celebrate the store’s Chanel installation. In other news, Colette’s raffle for the Pharrell x Chanel x adidas Originals Hu NMD will commence on November 21 via the chanelatcolette.fr website. Photo: HYPEBEAST
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With melanin on full display, @adau_themodel and #LamouBarthelemi give intensity, sensuality, and beauty in this editorial shot by photographer @eastonschirra for #KenBorochov’s jewelry line Mordekai.
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👈Beğenip takip etmeyi unutmayın🙂 ↖↖↖↖↖@rah@rahatsizzabi ↩ .@rahatsizzabi↩↖👈 .@rahatsizzabi ↩↖👈 .@rahatsizzabi ↩↖👈 🔷🔷🤗BİZİ TAKİP ETMEYİ UNUTMAYIN 🤗🔷🔷 _______________________________________________ ✔SEVDİKLERİNİZİ ETİKETLEYEBİLİRSİNİZ✔ #ozdemirasaf #gunaydin #siirsokakta #oğuzatay #şems #ede#edebiyatesiyor #sabahattinali #ahmetarif #cahitzarifoğlu #cemalsüreya #edebiyat #nazimhikmet #turgutuyar #canyücel #mevlana #siirler #kitap #tuncelkurtiz #tomrisuyar #istanbul #şiirheryerde #atillailhan #tbt #bakü #edipcansever #milena #söz #baku #yasarkemal #siirduvardaa
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Mudanças são sempre bem vindas🙌🏼 Lembrando que tá rolando o Black Friday da @santomoco e eles têm inúmeros produtos com até 40% de desconto e só peças absurdas👌🏽Corre que eh até dia 25/11😱👊🏽 #MyWord #BeYou #SantoMoco #BlackFriday
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Caption this photo 😅 #CelticsNation
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‏. لن يفهمك الكل !!! ولا بأس بذلك ..✋🏼 . لهم الحق بإبداء وجهَة نظرهم .... ولك الحق بتجاهلها 😴 .. . وحتماً ‏سيشتاقون لك حين يفشلون في إيجاد شخص مثلك ... 🦋 كن واثقاااا .. متفائلااا ... مبتسما .... انظر للأمام ... وثق بالله وكفى✋🏼
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