This can't be real.. 😳😂🤦‍♂️ #WSHH
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Ingat tu..🙄 #cakapbanyak .
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Aku disini selalu merindukanmu... #kata2cewek
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The #LilPump show in #Connecticut ends abruptly after a fan in the crowd threw something at him! 😳 @lilpump (📸 @jasonwshh) #WSHH
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Grinch Season 🌲 Copic Multi Liner BS + Copic Markers 🎶 A Time of Wonder-Alexis Ffrench . . . #drawing #Copic #illustration #ink
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“Wisps” detail (2017) 💓✨🌈 Oil painting from my Glitch collection (( Email: to receive catalog of my available pieces ))
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Photos of a recently completed commission in it's new home. Thanks Pedro ✌️ #GondekDraws
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#imvely #임블리 #임블리메이드 _ 오늘의 업뎃스포🙊❤️❤️❤️
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Repost by Al-Imam al-Bukhari meriwayatkan dari Ibnu Umar ra dari Nabi S.A.W bersabda, “Seorang wanita memasuki neraka kerana seekor kucing yang diikatnya. Dia tidak memberinya makan dan tidak membiarkannya makan serangga bumi.” Dalam riwayat di dalam sahih al-Bukhari, “Seorang wanita diseksa kerana seekor kucing yang dia kurung sehingga mati. Dia masuk neraka kerananya. Dia tidak memberinya makan dan minum sewaktu mengurungnya. . . Dia tidak pula membiarkannya dia makan serangga bumi.” Rasulullah telah melihat wanita yang mengikat kucing ini berada di neraka manakala beliau melihat syurga dan neraka ketika shalat gerhana. . . (Caption ditaja oleh @jombuku "Semusim Di Barzakh" Novel Islamic Terbaik MPH2016 -Best Seller Of The Year- MPH Bookstore, segera dapatkan). . #share #jomrepost #jomMUHASABAHdiri #videodakwahmy
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@brookesimpsonofficial closed out the show with a 💥! #TheVoice
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Low-key crushing on @addisonagenofficial. 🤗💘😍
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The Sketch, London, February 12, 1941
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