Eva taught me how to make traditional #Æbleskiver this morning before school. delicious!!!
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Tá chegando né princesa, eu não vejo a hora! 👏🎶❤
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Happy Hump day!
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So close! 😳🔥 @rwillyofficial #WSHH
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“Strategos” @pichiavo mural for @artepublicaleiria festival in Leiria- Portugal🇵🇹 #MontanaColors #MtnColors #Mtn2017
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Always wear your seat belt guys!! 😜 @gymking
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#FatBoySSE hooked this young lady up for her birthday! 🎈🎂👍 @FatBoy_SSE #Respect #WSHH
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Welcome to the East Village from me, my horrible hair bun and HSBC Bank
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❤️ @babygirlmez - It never fails😍😍😍😍😍😍😍My family always kicks ass in photoshoots. Watching each other grow has been my life’s greatest blessing. Every year gets better and better.. Thank you so much @collettebonapartephoto for capturing the #royalfamily in loving moments, your the best😘😘😘and my amazing makeup artist @tiffany_garlick for always making you girl look so classy and fab😘😘😘love ya boo. #addidas #ilovemyfamily #myworld #thereasonismile #themezetins #BellaNaijaWeddings
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Chocolate Soufflé Lipstick, launching at 3pm pst on KylieCosmetics.com
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To every white woman reading this post: it’s not enough to simply thank #BlackWomen for last night’s victory in Alabama, in which 98% of Black women (and 93% of Black men) who cast ballots voted for Doug Jones, in comparison to 63% of white women who voted for Roy Moore. Of course, this isn't surprising. To quote Lydia Polgreen: "Black women carry this nation on their backs." We ask you to consider what you will do to actively support Black women. Will you invest in Black women and Black women-led organizations? Will you support Black women candidates? Will you show up to defend Black women? Ask yourself these questions and be willing to have daring discussions with your white family members and friends. For anyone looking for resources, @mspackyetti put together a great list of concrete actions to take to actually support Black women. (Link in bio) 🎨: @thegranvarones
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@danielc7pa esta IRACUNDO😱😱😱 "TU NO EVOLUCIONASTE COMO COMPETIDORA NO ES CULPA DE LOS ROJOS A TI SE TE APOYO AL 100%" 😱😱😱 Señores esto se esta poniendo personal .... sintonizen ya 😨😨😨
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#GameofGames has a special preview this Monday! Clear your calendar. Set your DVR. Call your friends.
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He a real one 😂💯 #WSHH
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A Maria e a Filô tem um recadinho para vocês, na sexta tem mais um lançamento do ImaginAline, o desafio do Abla Blu Blu! Fiquem ligados para não perder essa música super especial. #ImaginAline #desafiodoablablublu #alinebarros
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@adidasOriginals takes inspiration from the ‘90s aesthetic in a chunky-sole sneaker that tests the limits of street style.
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Selfie ☺️🙈 Amazing public during Christmas time really enjoyed 💕 #selfie #ballerina #ianasalenko #nutcracker
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"Los #Roj#Rojos son unos hipócritas ... ellos ocasionan que muchos competidores no den lo que pueden dar" 💣💣💣 LAS AMARILLAS!! salen en defensa de @kryssc7pa incluyendo a la #Teacher que está soltando fuego contra los #Rojos 😨😨😨😨😨
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Hit the link in our bio to hear @nerd’s latest single “Don’t Don’t Do It” featuring Frank Ocean and @kendricklamar. Photo: Tim Mosenfelder
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I’m glad you were born. You write all the thoughts some aren’t able to articulate. (ME!) Thank you for giving a voice to this world that is authentic and inspiring. I wish some knew how big your heart actually is.. it’s fierce, bold and freaking wild with light. I’m glad you protect that. Love you @taylorswift
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She tried to pay with a fake $50 bill 😳🙅💸 #WSHH (via @ali_no_mercy)
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Indianapolis to host @nbaallstar 2021! The 70th annual game will take place at the home of the @Pacers, on Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021.
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