So glad #kevingates is out 🙏🏽 song 🔥atf 🎼 mood #vegas #ralenwatts tb #wce #wcw
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GRACIIIIASSS mi #Jane Por ayudarme con el tratamiento de mi hermana #Lucina 🙏 MIL GRACIAS A LA FUNDACION @AVEPEII por tan bonita labor, USTEDES NO SE IMAGINAN LO AGRADECIDOS QUE ESTAMOS EN MI FAMILIA CON USTEDES...! Sobre todo mi hermana ...! Ojala y algún día podamos volver a Respirar, #EstaVainaEnVenezuelaNoLaAguantaNadie #norkysbatista
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El ejemplo tiene más fuerza que las reglas💕Te Amo Lu
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Practicing this song last night for a cover ☺️
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ھونەرمەند حەسەن شەريف مژيلى سترانەكێ يە بنافێ گوفەندا بەرخودانێ . . . @awar_pedawi
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Um mundo otimista e colorido 👄💎🌈👑 #FollowYourDreams #VoltaÀsAulas @anastrumpf
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it takes two 👯‍♀️ #RENactive
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The film may be titled “Year of Spectacular Men”, but it features a number of extraordinary women as its creators and performers. Pleased to announce the film will be coming to theaters this June. Congrats on the distribution, @maddiedeutch, @leakthompson, @zoeydeutch!
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Congratulations to @fullsail student Jason Ferrer who received a 25 thousand dollar scholarship this afternoon from @wwe at the Performance Center!
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Всем привет с Чемпионата Европы по Фигурному Катанию! 💪🏻
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I want to share a quote with you that constantly pops up in my head. I’ve heard different variations of it but it goes something like this- “evil is not born, it’s created”. The parents we were born to, our upbringings, how much money we were born into, the people that we were surrounded by, the situations we were placed in as a child etc... were not in our control. So if a child who was sexually or verbally abused or was brought up being told that they weren’t good enough or grew up in a broken home, and as a result are now not the greatest of people, can we really blame them? I am not saying that if someone is a horrible person, it’s definitely because something horrible happened to them. I’m also not saying that if horrible things did happen to you, it’s ok to do horrible things to others. I’m just saying that this quote is something to keep in mind next time you want to make a quick judgement about someone. Let me know your thoughts on the quote.
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S.B 💋
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En çok satın aldığın makyaj malzemesi nedir?❓ ⬇️Aşağıya yorumunu bırak! @emilianummelin makyajında vazgeçilmez EPIC INK LINER ve SWEET CHEEKS Allık paleti kullanmış. 💕💖 || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup #nyxcosmeticsturkiye #makeupjunkie #eyeliner
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ونعم بالله . . #محمد_عادل
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The latest edition of #StreetTalk emanates from Atlanta's historic Center Stage venue ahead of tonight's edition of #WWENXT! @montezfordwwe @adawks_cog
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پێكهاته‌یا هێزێن پێشمه‌رگه‌ی و بودجێ وه‌زاره‌تا پێشه‌رگه‌ د نها دا چه‌نده؟ . . @awar_pedawi
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Truer words were never spoken. Learn the basics! Personally, I'd rather listen to Angus Young that countless shredders running wild on fretboards around the world. That doesn't mean I don't dig listening to certain technically bad ass players, the great ones can play rhythm, hang a note for days, display great feeling, ect. THATS what gets me excited! Stolen from @highonguitar
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Love this glam by @staceyanudari 😍 Can you guess what’s on her lips? It’s our NEW Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream in the shade ‘Rome’ 😎 Available now at @target 🎯 || #nyxcosmetics #target
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Handroid on yung Bens acl scarred knee ,fresh from the shadow realm,all sortsa weird light n shinyness goin down 😋
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