💜FUCK YES MONDAY! MY FAVORITE DAY!💜 I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone who is kind enough to attend this years #AEE2018 💜 I’ll be at the @tushy @vixenxofficial @blackedxofficial @blackedraw booth with a slew of brilliant minds and beautiful ladies, please don’t hesitate to come by and say hello, whether at the convention or around the casino/gym/Whole Foods if you happen to see me! 💜🤗☮️ - Photo by my dear friend @luna__stylez - #vegansofig #plantbased #cannabiscommunity #420 #stonergirl #girlswholift #eatcleanfuckdirty
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Şehitlerden Slm geldi Savaşan Tüm sağlara... Elbab Şehitlerimize itafen.. Her Şehitimiz için bir fırtına... #AfrinOperasyonu
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That Ahhhhh feeling when you have your coffee and land back in Portland #portland #pdx
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Staying summer ready all year round with @bodybycookie workout programs - from upper body workouts to ab, booty and leg programs. Don’t miss a beat with #BodyByCookie and stop making excuses!! Almost all the programs include a meal plan or meal suggestions so let’s get these gains all year round 💖✨ ____________________ SIGN UP ON BODYBYCOOKIE.com USE CODE: COOKIE10 to save 10% off your order !
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#lovethisplace 🖤 (už posledná, sľubujem 😄 dnes som fotila @patrabene a ona ma tiež rýchlo cvakla 📸😝)
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✨Life may be a movie but it‘s surely not a fairytale so don‘t expect to keep hurting me and always have a happy ending🍿🎥 #girl #blonde #movie #cinema #coke #popcorn #makeup #hairs #inspiration #inspo #blogger #lifestyle #curls #january
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She’s a role model😻😭 #emmawatson @emmawatson
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Adana turnesi özeti... sizi seviyoruz #deliha2 Bu çekti 👉 @mikailyilmaz
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Мот впервые стал отцом 👼🏻Жена рэпера Мария Мельникова родила ему сына, о чем счастливые родители поспешили сообщить в социальных сетях💏Поздравляем! #мот #мариямельникова #счастье
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First day of school ✌🏻 @ellafarianaz
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#tb to training on Chamonix🇫🇷 On low calories and sleep deprived but still got it done! Missing the leaner days but enjoying putting on some good size on this bulk. Hit 72.5kg yesterday which is the heaviest I have ever been! Would like to hit 75kg by the end of the bulk.
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How do you really feel tho? @crown_curls
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Мы часто недооцениваем силу человеческого безразличия. 🎈Свою красивую юбку заказывала у @medni_twins
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One of the many dresses in the Spring-Summer 2018 Haute Couture collection that takes up the Surrealist motif of the cage, this hypnotizing design by #MariaGraziaChiuri features a sharply-constructed skirt of wide illusion stripes in graphic black and white as worn by @LineisyMontero. #DiorCouture #PFW
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Crane 2 • I actually shot some of a music video with this.....and it wasn’t bad, it’s all about what you get use too! Review coming soon for this • 📸 @DirectorTino
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İlk Yarı Sonucu | Kayserispor 0-2 Galatasaray İlk yarıda oynanan futboldan memnun musunuz #galatasaray #igersgs #live4gala
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😍😍😍 enter code: kinky2 To receive 15% off ENTIRE ORDER. Shop: #PicturePerfectStyle.Com 💋
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😻😻 #A🌙😻
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