‪Always finding time for the fans #ThisIsWhyWePlay #NBAAllStar
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‪#TeamLeBron ready for tonight’s #NBAAllStar Game 🏀‬
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‪Just hanging with #TeamLeBron
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Follow @devilvideos (me) for more sick videos - Courtesy of: @amazingworld_video @aquamike23 - 📩 Credit/removals: amazingworld.ceo@gmail.com
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Acaba não domingo
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Life is a weird thing. I’m constantly preaching that life is a journey and that we must constantly remain focused on the journey rather than simply focusing on the end goal destination. 🏔🌲🌊🌵 Every February I take a cross country roadtrip to remind of that life long journey. We’re currently a third of the way through our journey from Portland to Palm Springs. Tomorrow we head into SF for the day. 🏔🌲🌊🌵 Last year I decided in the year ahead I would make a bunch of changes that would either make this a profitable and successful business or it’d allow me to walk away and hand it over to someone else. 🏔🌲🌊🌵 A year later, here we are. Changes were made. The business became stable and successful thanks to four agents stepping in two handle the marketing and creative work we do. All of them have endlessly preached that I have got to do more of my own photography here on Instagram... 🏔🌲🌊🌵 So here it is, thanks to a fancy Canon 5D IV and the Pacific Coast Highway a photo by me. I think it’d be less nerve-racking to just post a million nudes. I’m told I have a decent butt. 🧜🏻‍♂️
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And when you say go.... “On Fire” #CandiceBoyd 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
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Fizeram meu carnaval🖤
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Follow @ten@tentree! Their Spring Collection just came out today and it’s amazing!! 😱 They plant ten trees for every item they sell! Planting over 18 million trees around the world! 👉 @tentree 🌎🌲
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Kitchen envy 💙💙 #regram 📸: @timstreetporter | Design: @martynbullard via @housebeautiful
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Our faces rn: 🤤🤤🤤⠀ What's your favorite shade of Shimmer & Glow?⠀ ➖Shades from bottom to top:⠀ Starlight⠀ Carefree⠀ Cloud⠀ La Douce⠀ Kitten⠀ Jezebel⠀ Pigalle⠀ 📷: @Sephora ⠀ Tap the link in our bio to get yours now. #StilaFreestyle #StilaShimmer ⠀⠀
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Will 'The Great White. 🦈 @AlexMoronoMMA get back on track in his home state? He headlines @UFCFightPass early prelims next! #UFCAustin
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KG & Sheed are on the scene to check out what @klaythompson is rocking for #NBAAllStar Sunday night. 😂 (via @kgarea21)
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* 15 Days of Giveaways * Day 8 | It’s time to pack your bags! @ste@steamlineluggage is giving away the perfect pair to send you off on your honeymoon. 1️⃣ Follow @bhldn +  @steamlineluggage 2️⃣ Like this photo 3️⃣ Tell us what location is #1 on your bucket list! *open to US residents 18 and older only* No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Each username tagged must be unique. Winners will be announced in a comment below. Contest ends 2/16. This contest is in no way sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram.
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Soulmate 💕☯️💕
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Should I become a rapper ?
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DOES EATING LESS RESULT IN SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS? Vegan dietician @jacinta_sultana (are you following❓) says “Eat more of the right foods, there is significant evidence that crash dieting and very low calorie diets (AKA under eating) are unsustainable and potentially harmful to your health! Your body is smarter then what it's given credit for, during sustained periods of under eating and potentially over exercising our bodies metabolism actually adapts to the situation and begins to signal to slow down on metabolising energy 😑 this is the bodies way to conserve energy, essentially it's the body going into starvation mode - this can put a quick halt on weight loss efforts and is therefore counter active. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to go consume a hugely energy dense diet however, it's very important to know under eating is harmful and your much better of practicing mindful eating! Listen to your body and nourish it! It's all about what you choose to put on your plate, I'm going to give you a few tips to achieve an maintain a healthy body weight! We come back to my first point - eat more of the right foods! Make more room on your plate for less energy dense foods (free vegetables) - a strategic way to not dramatically decrease your energy intake, but slightly lower it, whilst increasing the water and fibre content of your meals to keep you fuller for longer!! 😋 E.g half a plate of free vegetables with 1/4 of your plate having starchy vegetables/carbohydrates like potatoes, grains etc. Oils - be mindful if you cook with oils and are trying to loose weight. Oils are very energy dense and sometimes when's frequently cooking with oils, are a real contributer to upping the energy content in your meals. So try cooking without oils, adding a tbsp of water when frying is just as effective 🙌🏽 Eat mindfully and get into good regular habits that suit your lifestyle. Skipping meals all together results in cheating yourself of valuable nutrients and again when it's done on a regular basis it's counter active so it's a waste of time if weight loss is the motive!”
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‪Looking sharp heading to the locker room 👌 #NBAAllStar
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You know that feeling of being on the top of a mountain with all your friends at sunrise after you hiked up and spent the night and are getting ready to ride down? Highly recommended.
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