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❤️⭐️GIVEAWAY⭐️❤️ We teamed up with @dan@danasbakery to give away a dozen macaroons to 2 WINNERS🙌🏼✨😊 To Enter: 1️⃣ LIKE this photo 2️⃣ TAG your friends (the more you tag, the more likely you are to win!) 3️⃣ FOLLOW @hangrytwins and @danasbakery GOOD LUCK!!
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Guess what I was lookin for🤪
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Chillin 🙃
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“This was going back to my roots a little bit, celebrating immigrant culture. I wanted to create this magical, midnight market. It was about mixing high and low art and different elements together. Just celebrating the randomness of life." — @asish🍒⚡️🌈 - Double tap that link in bio for more on this designer's dreamy collection. #r29fw Design: @annarosejay
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“kalabalık bir masada otururken gözlerinin düşüncelerinle beraber uzaklara çekildiği bir an var, bütün masadan soyutlandığın an. bütün acın dalıp gittiğin yerde saklı.”
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Better watch out for @manku_geal 🔪 Every badass needs the Suavecito Switchblade Comb. #Sua#Suavecitode #Suavecito #Pomade #Switchblade #Blade #Knife #Comb #Hair #Hairstyle #Badass #Getitrucca! #Getithombre!
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When you can’t decide on one color, pick a palette. 😘 Our NEW online #exc#exclusive Lip Palettes bring you sculpting, moisturizing color that transform your look instantly. You can mix & match your favorite shades for effortless expression. Shop the online #exclusive collection before it’s gone via the link in our bio. #LimitedEdition #LipPalette #EsteeLauder
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Официальная процедура взвешивания к M-1 Challenge 88 @m1global [Медиа] Абдибаит уулу Бусурманкул @busurmankul_mma и Ринат Саякбаев @sayakbaev_rinat уложились в лимит своих весовых категорий. Трансляция завтра в 21:00 (19:00 МСК). Прямой эфир можно будет посмотреть скачав приложение M-1 Global. Также ссылки на трансляцию скинем в сторис #prosportkyrgyzstan🇰🇬
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Ths slow cooker pot roast is easy to make AND delicious 😋
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These land mines ain’t a joke, right? @zebweisman
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🤣🤣 manyak bunlar @fac@facia_uclu @facia_uclu
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😩😩😩 Ardenne unu nearly kill me ow unu full a so much love 🤣🤣🤣🤣 love all a y’all ❤️
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Любимые мои девушки и парни! Я разыгрываю крутой подарок - бесплатное обучение в моем модельном агенстве в Киеве🌸 💥 Условия: ✅ опубликовать скрин этой записи у себя в профиле с подписью #хочувkmodels . ✅ быть подписчиком @kmo@kmodelsool ✅ быть подписчиком @kmodels ✅ быть подписчиком @alla . И самое главное! Если ты выиграешь, то каждая подруга (друг), которую ты отметишь под постом у себя в ленте получит скидку в -10% и вы сможете ходить на курс все вместе!!! 💃💃💃 . Выбирать победителя будем 27-го февраля по хэштегу #хочувkmodels среди ваших постов! . Внимание! Выиграет только тот, кто выполнит все условия! Возраст от 12 лет! Будьте внимательны, не забудьте открыть профиль на момент участия и удачи!
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Los diferentes escenarios donde pude estar en #Argentina me dejan lleno de amor y con muchas ganas de volver pronto. Qué público tan bello, tan sensible, tan lleno de amor! ¡GRACIAS A TODOS! 🇦🇷♥️🙌🏻 #MarcoAntonioSolís #YLaHistoriaContinúa #LaMúsicaNosUne
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Pic 1: 8months pregnant / Pic 2: (Yesterday)About 8 months post baby. . Repost from @sculptsisters . Can't believe the whirlpool the female body can go through in just over a year. I always knew us ladies were pretty special but having experienced pregnancy, to the birth and slowly piecing myself back together after 9 months of growing and changing, I have complete gratitude for what my body and us girls are capable of. Realistically it took me about 5-6 months to gain back my strength and fitness to where I was pre baby. And lots of work ofcourse! Some tips that helped me get closer to where I was prebaby: ✅Make it a priority to exercise for 30 minutes 4-5 times a week. ✅Don't skip workouts and be stronger than excuses. (Never having enough sleep is the new normal) ✅Exercise in the morning so it's done for the day. ✅Push the pram & walk everyday as much as possible. ✅Eat healthy meals with lean protein, good fats, lots of veg and low Gi carbs. ✅ Always lean dinners with no starchy carbs ✅Control portion size and binge eating when you are not really hungry. ✅Limit sugar, pasta, refined bread and treats to weekends or in small doses only. ✅ Carry a water bottle everywhere and sip on it all day. For myself and I expect most mums, The months after having your baby you are too busy finding your feet as a mum and living in the unfamiliar world of motherhood that your body and fitness goals tend to take a back seat role. You are beyond proud of the little human you created that your own body is not at the top of the list. Not to mention you want to enjoy eating and drinking ALL the amazing foods + 🍷 you couldn't touch for 9months 😜. For me, as a trainer after 9 months of pregnancy, I felt like I had lost a lot of energy and muscle strength. I missed being able to do things with ease. There is no better feeling in the world then when you feel fit, strong and healthy within. Just like any health and fitness goal, make a plan, put in the effort and commit to what you have set out. "The body achieves what the mind believes!" Through everything my body has undergone in the last 12 months there could not be a more accurate quote out there.✨ #
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Selamın Aleyküm 😎😎
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😍💐 ‏كيف أوصفك و أنا رھين المشاعر أنتي جمالك ما توصّفه الأحلام ملامحك ما ھي بـ حاجه لـ شاعر ملامحك ھذي بحاجه لـ رسام
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Love her hair and makeup 👌🏼
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